Should You Build a Big or Small House?

To build a McMansion or not? You can build a big or small house, but you should always use space efficiently.

When you're packing your suitcase or backpack, you know you shouldn't throw random things in the bag. You should plan what to bring and neatly organise the items in the space available. The same thought goes when designing a home. You can build a big or small house, but you should always use space efficiently.

Go big or go home

Australian homes grew larger in terms in size over the last generation. We call them McMansions, and you can watch it on ABC's documentary Streets of Your Town- Modernism to McMansionism below:

What if you build a bigger home?

The blocks of land in the suburbs are getting smaller. When you erect a large house here, you might need to sacrifice space for outdoor entertainment, play, greenery, and nature.

A great architect, however, can help you balance green open spaces and concrete in your property. The interiors of large homes become challenging for homeowners when designed poorly. For one, there is a risk of having dysfunctional hallways and inflexible rooms. Widely separated rooms disconnect families and keep members from bonding together. We live in an era when smartphones, social media, and demanding jobs impact relationships and family time. If you're going to design a large home, make sure that it encourages connectivity. The size of the home also affects energy-efficiency. The larger the house, the higher the electricity and gas bills. However, a great architect can still help you reduce the costs of running your home by designing a sustainable and energy-efficient building. In the end, there is nothing wrong about building a large house for you and your family. You're going to live the Australian Dream! And, it gets better when you come up with a properly-designed house.

What if you build a smaller home?

Do you think that building McMansion is too much for you? The great news is, you're free to build a house that's 20-30% smaller as long as it complies with council standards and building codes.

A great architect and building designer can help you orient your home in the right direction, create a functional floor plan, and ensure the efficient use of space. They can and will design your home based on your needs and lifestyle. They can help you build a structure with a smaller footprint. It drags the construction costs down, allowing you to install high-value features in your home (e.g. double glazed windows, smart home devices, hydronic heaters, resort-style pool, and more). Above all, a great designer can make your small home feel more spacious than it is. Ultimately, it is innovative architectural designs and principles that make people enjoy their homes — not the size of it. Whether you build a big or small house, as long as the design is efficient, you will appreciate it. Let’s create homes and workplaces with striking interiors. Contact us today and tell us about your project. We’d love to help you out! Follow Superdraft on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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