1 April 2019

Should you hire a building designer or builder for a custom home design or renovation?

Find out if you should hire a building designer or a builder for your new home or renovation project.
Should You Hire an Architect or Builder for a Custom Home Design or Renovation?

When building a new home, most people don’t know who to call first. Is it a building designer or a builder? Which one can provide you with a custom home design?

Who should come first? The building designer or the builder?

Before you decide, ask yourself one simple question:

Do you have a clear idea of what you want?

Most large-scale home builders show you several house plans. Their customers use these house designs over and over again, but you can change a few design elements, so the structure suits your needs and the building regulations.

Other people call these cookie-cutter homes because there are limited options when it comes to cabinetry, flooring, room configuration, and more.

When you want a more bespoke design, a building designer is your best choice. 

Projects always start with a vision. When you’re not sure of what you want, a building designer can help you design a home you’ll love.

Why work with a building designer first?

Building designers work closely with you to create a custom home design that suits your taste, lifestyle, needs, location, and budget.

Their work starts in a design consultation. The building designer visits you to get to know you and to get a grasp of your style. Your building designer should review your ideas and provide you with professional design advice. Meetings like this help clear the vision you have for your project.

The building designer also conducts design consultations to view and assess your block of land. Your building designer should be able to point out what makes the site distinctive and unique. At the same time, yours should be able to check preliminary local codes and council regulations to determine what you can do and can’t do on your property.

Book a design consultation with a Superdraft building designer.

When you are happy with the result of the design consultation, engage the building designer in your project. Hire them to draw the custom house plans for your project.

A great building designer will team up with other consultants who can help you: 

  • Land surveyors to make precise site measurements, determine the property’s boundaries, and to provide data about the shape and contour of the soil. 
  • Structural engineers to ensure the building’s strength, stability, and safety. They create the foundation and the framing package. They guarantee the structure meets all appropriate building codes. 
  • Thermal Performance Assessors to conduct residential building thermal performance assessments.

The best building designers also help you choose the best builders to build and manage the project. Your builders, with the help of skilled trades, execute the project using the right construction methods. They bring good insight during construction, assist in material selection, and help keep the project within budget.

When your builder is trusted by your designer, relationship building won’t be an issue anymore. They won’t act like oil and water, which makes the design-build experience bumpy.

Aim for a better design-build experience

You need both designers and builders to finish the custom home you wanted. But, before the builder, you must choose a building designer who:

  • captures your style
  • listens to what you want 
  • expresses your personality in the design
  • doesn’t just copy the design from images you like
  • produces a creative and practical design
  • uses innovation, and 
  • delivers high-quality work and service

Of course, choose a builder who respects what the designer has to bring. When a design doesn’t work as envisioned, a great builder works together with the designer to create solutions to achieve the intended design.

Are you looking for a building designer who can help you build your home from start to finish? We are happy to help you! Discuss your future project with us.

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