6 September 2018

3 Cool & Lovely Interiors that are as Popular as Mid-Century Modern Design

3 Cool & Lovely Interiors that are as Popular as Mid-Century Modern Design

Architects and designers all over the world know this. Mid-century modern interiors have dominated the design scene for so long. It’s going strong even after decades since it first appeared. And, the children and grandchildren of the Baby Boomers are still wanting this style.


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While the mid-century modern style shows no signs of becoming dated, some ask us…


What’s the next trend?

How can I make my home unique, but as beautiful, simple, and functional as this?


In this blog, we present home design styles that share the principles of mid-century modernism. One of them is already established. The other two are starting to muscle their way into the spotlight. Check them out and see if you like them!

Scandinavian Design

Simple, efficient, and beautiful — these are the three words we use to describe this popular interior style. We love it because it makes functional, appealing, and comfortable homes available for all.


Also, it will stay with us for quite a long time.


Scandinavian design is on the rise because more and more people are living in small spaces. For instance, a lot of homeowners today want white walls and bleached oak floors. These two elements are an amazing backdrop to the furniture and decor they want in the room. Get this look:

  1. Create nature-inspired spaces. Have lots of wooden elements and pair it with natural fabrics. Use objects that have organic shapes.
  2. Because functionality is important, use multipurpose furniture pieces.
  3. Because you want more natural lighting, invest in large energy-efficient windows.
  4. Scale back on decor.
  5. Stick with a neutral palette.


California Casual

Ever heard of Hygge? It’s a Danish word for a special feeling and moment that we have when we’re home, regardless if we’re alone or with friends.


You experiencing the Hygge is the goal of the California Casual style.  


This interior style is all about creating a warm and laidback vibe. To do that, you have to use warm neutrals like tan, soft beige, and greige or greyish beige. Pair it with crisp white walls, timber, and black accents. These combinations will give your home a friendly and inviting atmosphere.Get this look:

  1. Follow a warm neutral colour palette.
  2. Let the timber elements give the room a warm and Earthy vibe. Install wooden floorboards and wall cladding. Use a few wooden furniture pieces too.
  3. Do a little black detailing on the furniture.
  4. Accentuate your furniture using thick linen and wool blankets. Laying cozy and fuzzy rugs underneath the chairs work too.


Paris Chic

Think of a modern Parisian apartment with clean and curated interiors. That’s how the Paris Chic style looks like.


It’s like the mid-century modern interiors we know, but with a French touch. It makes use of curvy modern furniture, luxurious finishes, and antique decor. These elements create an interesting contrast inside the room. And, it always boasts a strong statement piece. Get this look:

  1. Use interesting textures and finishes together.
  2. Swap mid-century modern furniture with an antique, French piece.
  3. Display a strong art. It could be a painting, a sculpture, or an installation.


So, what do you think about these home design styles? What fits your taste and why? Share your comments below!

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