Why this small bathroom with laundry is perfect for tiny homes

Squeeze a laundry in your bathroom in style.
Why This Small Bathroom with Laundry is Perfect for Tiny Homes

Your growing family needs a laundry room. But, what if your current home doesn’t have enough space for one? That’s when you need to get creative! Perhaps you can incorporate your laundry into your bathroom. This combination is not new. In fact, a small bathroom with laundry sounds sensible.

In this blog, we’ll show you a bathroom and laundry combo that packs efficiency. You will see why it’s best for families living in small homes or apartments. ?

Sleek, efficient, striking

A laundry doesn’t need a lot of space. It just needs to be functional and organised. Here, the designer built a dedicated space for it beside the vanity. They built a streamlined tall cabinet that looks elegant and appealing.

Sensible combination

As mentioned earlier, a bathroom and laundry combo are practical since the two may share a sink, plumbing lines, and countertops. Both are wet areas too.

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Contemporary design

In this bathroom, the designers laid pattern tiles as splashback and floor tiles. It is continuous, and it ties the two areas together as one. The decorative tiles also distract the guests from the utilitarian aspects of the bathroom because it takes a lot of their attention.

Separate the two with two-toned walls

This bathroom is long and narrow. It makes no sense to have a physical barrier that separates the two. What the designers did is clever: they gave this bathroom two-toned walls! On the bathroom side, they laid white tiles on the wall (matching the tub). On the other, they painted the walls grey.

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