Small kitchen ideas for a tiny condo or apartment

Squeezing a kitchen in a tiny corner of your apartment? Here are the things you need to know:
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Condominium sizes have been shrinking for the past decade, at least up until the past two years. Smaller dwellings mean you have minimal space to construct your living room, bedroom, dining, and kitchen. Sadly, it's not always possible to expand your unit when you live in a condominium or apartment building. But, it is possible to build a convenient, functional, visually appealing space in a small home. In this blog, let's focus on several small kitchen ideas you can use:

Build an eat-in kitchen

When your space is limited, your kitchen must be multi-functional. Dedicate some parts of the benchtop as a dining area. Here's a small kitchen with a breakfast nook for two with a lovely window view. Consider this when you want the kitchen to be the one stop to prepare, serve, and eat your meals:

Small Kitchen Ideas for condo and apartment

Make room for a front-load laundry machine.

Having a place to do your laundry is one of the best things to have in a condo or apartment unit, primarily when your unit is on the higher floors of the building. Got no room for a separate laundry? Insert a front-load washer and dryer under your countertop.

Here's a small white kitchen that also serves as a laundry area:

Small Kitchen Ideas

You can find many multipurpose kitchen designs in many small condominium units and apartments, but the kitchen x dining and the kitchen x laundry are the most popular combinations.

Install upper kitchen cabinets

While it's tempting to have a kitchen with no upper cupboards, you don't want to miss having more storage space. If you really want a clean and minimalist look, opt for modern cabinets that look like these:

Small Kitchen Ideas for Tiny Apartments

Closed and seamless cabinets like these give your kitchen a cleaner look.

On the other hand, opt for open shelves like these if you truly want a more spacious feel in the kitchen:

Small Kitchen Ideas

Maximise the wall to create more storage. Expand cabinets upwards until you reach the ceiling. Full-length cabinets like these are space-saving. Just be mindful of the height of your upper cabinets. The higher the storage, the more difficult it is to reach. You might need a kitchen step to reach the items stored up there:

Small Kitchen Ideas

What we like about this compact design is the addition of the island, which instantly added more benchtop space and function to the kitchen.

Work with a designer who has experience in designing small but space-efficient kitchens

Working with design and construction professionals who have a long list of experience in these types of projects would be a great help to you.

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