Small kitchen renovation ideas that absolutely work!

There are many things to do when planning for a kitchen renovation. Here are a few ideas.
small kitchen renovation ideas

Regardless of size, there is no room for error when doing a kitchen renovation. So if you are renovating your humble kitchen this year, take note of these small kitchen renovation ideas and tips from the experts here at Superdraft:

Kitchen makeover or full kitchen renovation?

Major kitchen renovations often happen once every decade, but there are a few makeovers in between. Assess your current space first, then decide whether you need a simple makeover or a full-blown renovation. 

Simple kitchen makeovers include changing or updating the following basics: 

  • splashback
  • benchtops
  • cabinet fronts and handles
  • sink and tapware
  • paint
  • flooring material
  • light fixtures
small kitchen renovation ideas
Image credit: Tiento Tiles

Consider switching to energy-saving appliances too. Kitchen appliances have a life span, often between 9-15 years. So, buy new appliances and replace the old ones to save time and money and add more function to your kitchen.

Update your kitchen floor

Your kitchen endures heavy foot traffic every single day. Change your floors when you see signs of deterioration already!

When choosing a new kitchen floor material, look for the following qualities:

  • durable
  • low-maintenance
  • waterproof
  • safe and non-slip
  • comfortable under foot
  • suited to the interior styling you want to pull off
small kitchen renovation ideas
Image credit: Tiento Tiles

Make the most out of the available space

Sometimes, you need to take down a few walls and open up the space to create your dream kitchen. 

When this becomes the top suggestion of your designer, know that you are dealing with a significant kitchen renovation already. 

Make the most of a full-blown renovation and consider the following upgrades:

The end goal is simple: create a beautiful and personalised kitchen space that functions well for you and your family. 

small kitchen renovation ideas

Which of these small kitchen renovation ideas did you like?

Whether you live in a house with an old and tired kitchen or just purchased a home with a kitchen that needs improvement, we hope these tips inspired you to start renovating.

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