Go Inside this Spacious Hamptons Family Home Retreat

There’s enough room for a growing family here. Check out everything that this Hamptons family home has to offer.
Spacious Hamptons Family Home Retreat

Starting a family in the inner suburbs, the homeowners wanted a home that’s spacious; enough to accommodate their everyday needs. This Hamptons family home is where they live now… and they couldn’t be happier with their humble abode. They love how the warm morning sun and the cooling breezes come in and make their home more comfortable.

Here are the other things that this Hamptons family has to offer:

Coastal style exterior design and landscape

Most Hamptons homes in the country feature weatherboards and follow a soft colour palette. Here, the designers used a 180mm weatherboard (the thicker variant) and laid them horizontally. They painted the exterior walls with light grey and greyish white. The roof is in charcoal grey, similar to the fence’s colours. The windows and doors have matte black frames which stand out from the grey walls. Altogether, these design elements create a modern coastal home.

Outdoor space with beach vibes

The whitewashed deck completed the look of this coastal home from the outside. We personally like the furniture pieces used here as well. There are sophisticated wicker chairs and an outdoor dining set that’s perfect for an afternoon picnic.

Indoor-outdoor spaces

The lovely deck connects seamlessly to the home’s living area, thanks to the sliding clear glazed doors. It provides an uninterrupted view of the garden and the blue skies from the inside. If the homeowners want more privacy, they just drag the sheer white curtains and cover the doors. Window treatments like this still let enough sunlight in to illuminate the space.In the living area, there are matching leather sofas, a round wooden table, and a fuzzy rug underneath. An enclosed fireplace that’s as big as the TV keeps this area warm and cozy.The construction of the indoor fireplace created a tiny alcove. It wasn’t wasted. The designers put a cushioned seat here for the homeowners’ kid. That’s a nice way to make an alcove useful.On the opposite side of the fireplace is the dedicated storage of the wooden fuel. Storing the fuel indoors lengthens the wood block’s life, plus it adds an interesting texture to the room.

Open plan space

The homeowners move freely inside their home because of its open plan format. Common rooms such as the kitchen, dining, and living areas are connected but have their own zones. Zoning makes any open plan space more efficient.

Clean, crisp kitchen

Next to the living room is a one wall kitchen with a massive kitchen island. The island has a beautiful ceramic benchtop that looks like marble! Ceramic benchtops are scratch-, heat-, bacteria-, and stain-resistant — perfect for a busy kitchen. An elegant, marble-inspired ceramic benchtop like this lets you enjoy the beauty of marble stone at a lower cost.The pale cabinet fronts also deserve some love. These match the whitewashed deck right outside. The other cabinets are plain white, which blends with the rest of the home interiors.Instead of a tiled splashback, the designer opted for something new. The designer gave this kitchen a window splashback which brightens the worktop. The homeowners don’t need LED undercabinet lighting in the morning.Another feature to like is the spacious distance between the main kitchen counter and the island. It’s wide enough for two to three people. Even a person in a wheelchair can fit here!We also like the use of matte black accessories here. The pendant lights, tapware, fruit bowls, bar stools. Everything in matte black in here connects it to the adjacent dining area.

Matte black dining area

The dining area is simple; no ornate features. The only decorative pieces here are the matte black dining chairs. Because of the colour, the dining chairs became the focal point in the area, which grounds and anchors the room. It adds sophistication and sharpens the decor scheme!

Multiple entries and exit points

Another thing to love about this Hamptons family home is how accessible it is. The owners can enter the house through the front door, through the sliding doors on the side, or at the back passing through the dining area.

Private spaces for the master and kiddos

This Hamptons family home has two bedrooms; one for the couple and the other one for their kid. Both bedrooms are white and minimalist. You can tell that these rooms are for relaxation and sleeping. The best part, both bedrooms have windows, so the morning sunshine comes in and wakes them up.The bathroom is as special as the bedroom. It’s clean and streamlined, complete with everything the homeowners need.The architects of this home also managed to create a small study, which is extremely helpful the owners sometimes work from home. Having a dedicated workspace, they don’t feel the need to work in the bedroom or living room. They establish a work-life balance.

Fresh indoor plants

Greenery plays an important part in this home design. It adds freshness to the white, neutral home interiors. As you can see, every area in this Hamptons home has an indoor plant. We like that the stylist put them inside interesting and decorative pots. You should do the same!Liked this article? Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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