The Great Australian Dream Isn’t Over; It’s Evolving

Home ownership is still a sign of success and contentment for a lot of Australians. Here's how we build our homes amidst high real estate prices and the advent of sustainability.
The Great Australian Dream of owning a home never changed, but our homes evolved.

The Great Australian Dream of owning a home is still alive. Homeownership remains a sign of success and financial security. But, you should know that this dream evolves over the years. The growing economy, technological advancements, and significant social movements continue to influence the design of our houses.

Here's what's happening today:

Small but fully-functional apartments

Many Aussies can't afford to build their dream home straight off the bat. A recent survey found out that 77% of Australians ended up buying smaller and more affordable properties. They bought apartments and condominium units.

Living in a small apartment is not as miserable as you think it is, as long as the place suits your needs. It's where designers come in. They help you squeeze everything you need in your small apartment without crowding the space so much. Most condominiums and high-rise residential buildings pre-designed their units. Every apartment is ready for occupancy. In case the layout doesn’t work for you, hire a personal designer to help you change it. Upgrade to luxurious finishes and materials.

Improve the look of your small apartment when you plan to sell it or turn it into a rental in the near future. About 30% of Australians renovate their apartment to make money out of it. Then, they move into bigger and better properties. About 20% of Australians found theirs in the outer suburbs. They decided to leave the city to make their Great Australian Dream happen. 

Luxury homes in smaller lots

In the suburbs, Australians opt to build luxury homes in blocks as small as 250 square metres. People seek the help of residential designers to make projects like this happen. Together, they build homes with a seamless flow, an open space, and enough daylight streaming in. They find ways to make outdoor spaces as comfortable as indoor rooms as well.

When building your home, always look for cost-efficient designs. Prioritise functionality and practicality above aesthetics. Use affordable yet durable building materials.

In addition, focus on building a home that responds to its surroundings and suits the climate. Homeowners already know that poorly designed and constructed homes are costly to run.

Australians became conscious about the environment

An increasing number of people make conscious efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. With the help of the government, most people today build sustainable, energy-efficient homes. We have laws that require homes to have energy and water saving features or measures (BASIX system). We install solar panels and hydronic heating systems which replace traditional fireplaces and electric/gas heaters.

More and more manufacturers of building products also come up with greener products. Use these as a substitute for the traditional building materials.

Technology speed up the building process

Finally, people in the design, engineering, and construction industry use technological advancements to innovate the process.

For one, new computer programmes simplify the way designers plan a project. Gone are the days when they are limited to paper and pens. Project management software help firms run projects from the beginning until the end.

Additionally, virtual reality technology enables firms to present design concepts better to their clients. Clients may walk through their home even before construction. It helps to assess the home’s design better compared to looking at initial drawings or 2D images.

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Finally, material technology speeds up the building process with the introduction of materials like steel frames and easy to install building materials (e.g. cladding). We see a lot of these innovative building products in the Australian housing market and more of them will emerge in the future.

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