2 April 2019

There’s a Touch of Wood in this Modern Grey Bathroom

Check out this modern grey bathroom with a white countertop basin and walk-in shower.
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One way to build a low-cost bathroom is to stick to your material palette. That’s the plan of the homeowner and designer who built this modern grey bathroom. After the initial planning stage, they looked for durable yet affordable building products. They used those materials to finish the bathroom. That way, they built the project within the owner’s budget.

Grey tiles

In this bathroom, the designers laid polished grey tiles on the walls of the bathroom. The surface of these tiles is smooth and polished. These surfaces are easy to clean.

The grey tiles on the floor are different. These are non-slip and textured tiles. These tiles are not slippery even when wet.

Walk-in shower

Homeowners access this walk-in shower using a sliding door. The opening of the door is in the centre, which makes it more ergonomic.

Small vanity

The designer of this bathroom created a short vanity and used a flat sink. As a result, there’s less countertop space.

No worries. Flat sinks are super functional. Water flows directly down the drain. As long as you use a low faucet, no water will splash on you. Also, these sinks are timeless and luxurious. They pair well with the large wall mirror.

Touches of wood

There are many ways to use wood in the bathroom. The designer did them all here. As you can see, it has wooden floors, countertop, and cabinetry. The three added the wow factor that this bathroom needs.

But, these are wood laminates and not real wood. These building materials are super affordable.

Closed and open storage

Above the toilet is a row of closed white medicine cabinets. Under it, you find the open shelves with a wood laminate surface. These two kinds of storage fit in the bathroom. Store the toiletries you always need in the open cabinets and hide the rest inside the cabinets.


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