These are the 2020 bathroom trends that you might have missed

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These are the 2020 bathroom trends that you might have missed

Are you dreaming of giving your bathroom a new look before the year ends? Can't find the look that you want to copy? Well, hold it right there because we are going to enumerate the 2020 bathroom trends that you might have missed. Take a look at these design ideas and tell us which ones you want to copy: 

1. Squeeze a standalone tub in your bathroom

Todays designers are going back to basics and squeezing tubs inside bathrooms. When you have a spacious bathroom, you can place your tub in the centre or in one corner. When you have a small bath, consider using small Japanese-style tubs (the sit and soak type). 

Having a tub makes your bath more relaxing and enjoyable. It makes your bathroom a place for your ‘me time'. 

Choose a unique looking tub that will standout in your bathroom. Oval and round ones are super popular nowadays, but explore more options. There are tubs with natural asymmetrical shapes and give off artisanal vibes. There are tubs made of wood, stone, concrete, and even marble. 

2. Standout fittings and tapware

Matte black, gold, copper, brushed nickel, and chrome tapware become more visually prominent inside minimalist bathrooms. Thus, install luxurious fittings in simple interiors to make them stand out more. 

These are the 2020 bathroom trends that you might have missed

3. Basic, neutral tiles

Tiles with vibrant colours and busy patterns are out; those with subtle beauty are in. Opt for tiles with neutral colours: white, black, grey, browns, beige, taupe, tan, cream, etc. Neutral coloured tiles are timeless. When you want more visual interest, combine dark and light tones. Textured tiles add visual interest to a simple bathroom as well. 

If you want to use colours, choose the shades and hues that are not too flashy.

4. Lovely, warm colours

The Milan Design week last June revealed that the colours champagne, light yellow, and pumpkin red are the hottest and the most luxurious colours today. Use these colours sparingly; sprinkle these colours around your bathroom through your accessories.

5. Open showers 

Building Italy-inspired open showers with built-in benches is one of the most popular projects for homeowners this 2020. For better results, install relaxing ambient lighting. 

A lot of homeowners combine the bath and shower to save space. It does the job, but separating the bath and shower space is more practical because it saves you from more cleaning work. When you have space, it is highly recommended to build an open shower and a freestanding tub. Then, separate the bath and shower spaces with a glass wall.

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6. Indoor plants

In the past years, using textiles and wallpapers with botanical prints is the most popular way of inviting Mother Nature in your bathroom. This year, homeowners display real and live indoor plants inside the bathroom. Having a single potted plant is enough, but you can fully incorporate greenery into your design.

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7. Sleek and thin vanities 

Shy away from chunky pieces especially when it comes to bathroom vanities. The goal of this design is to save space, which is good if you have a small bathroom. You can store the other bathroom essentials in the laundry room instead.

These are the 2020 bathroom trends that you might have missed

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