This tiny modern flat has an interesting brick wall

The rough brick wall added more depth and character to this apartment for two.
This Tiny Modern Flat Has An Interesting Brick Wall

The designer of this modern flat found plain and grey interiors lacking, which is why he installed brick walls in the design. A brick accent wall, which is the homeowner’s favourite design element, gave the room an eclectic touch. It added warmth to the place — a reinforcement to the wooden elements which the apartment already has. 

This Tiny Modern Flat Has An Interesting Brick Wall

Entertainment/living area

The brick wall, which exudes a rustic feel, serves as a lovely backdrop for the television. Texture the wall eye-catching, which is perfect behind the mounted TV. It also makes this grey apartment warm and cozy.


Unlike the other rooms with a darker grey interior, the bedroom uses a lighter shade of grey paint on its walls. This makes the bedroom look more relaxing and ethereal. The bedroom furniture is simple and every built-in storage is streamlined. All these make the brick wall stand out.

This Tiny Modern Flat Has An Interesting Brick Wall


While some homeowners want all white kitchens, the homeowner opted for grey. There’s something about grey that makes it perfect for kitchens. The shade they used is both relaxing and warm. For consistency, the colours of the walls, countertop, and the cabinet fronts are the same.

To save space, the designers didn’t build upper cabinets. Without upper cabinets, the kitchen doesn’t look cramped.

This Tiny Modern Flat Has An Interesting Brick Wall

Dining area for two

There are only two people living in this apartment and they didn’t need a formal dining area. As a solution, the designer built them a table that’s connected to the island.


The bathroom in this apartment is still in line with the theme of the entire apartment. It’s grey, but this time, the walls of the bathroom is a faux poured concrete. The added texture made the bathroom warmer and more interesting — in a way that paint can’t. Of course, these walls have a waterproof finish to secure the integrity of the design.


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