30 May 2018

6 Old Bathroom Tile Trends that You Still Fancy

To get that modern yet timeless look, we examined previous tile trends. These are the styles we recommend.
Selecting bathroom tiles is harder than it looks. There are thousands of options for homeowners out there. Plus, product manufacturers release new tile trends and items every year. As the catalogue gets thicker, the more difficult it is to choose.
The thing is, you are not required to follow certain tile fads and fashion. What you need is a concrete plant to have an extraordinary bathroom design. The goal is to build a contemporary space that stays in style for years. You don’t want to undergo the dust, stress, and chaos of a major remodel again and again, right?
To get that modern yet timeless look, we examined previous tile trends. These are the styles we recommend:

Plain or Patterned Concrete Tiles

We love concrete tiles because of their durability and understated sophistication. It has a wide range of styles which makes it a great choice for bathrooms. There are neutral and edgy pieces for a composed look, like this bathroom below:

Include natural elements such as timber and stone for a warm, Earthy flair. | Source: Houzz AU

Patterned concrete tiles are perfect for trendy bathrooms. Lay these pieces on the bathroom floor or walls to create a focal point. When working with these tiles, it is important not to interrupt the design. All the other colours and patterns used in the bathroom must complement with the tile.

Bathroom tile trends
Concrete floor tiles with an elegant, flowing pattern

Every year, tile manufacturers come up with new and interesting textures and patterns. Explore the world of concrete tiles and you might find the look that you’re aiming for.

Tiles in Herringbone or Chevron Pattern

Although chevron and herringbone may look very similar; and to some people, may even look the same, but the two patterns are different when you look closer.

In Chevron, the tiles form the letter “V” on repeat. The tiles are cut at an angle and fitted together to create a sharp point. It forms a clean zigzag pattern, as seen in the image below: 

Bathroom tile trends
Concrete tiles laid in a Chevron pattern.

Herringbone forms when you lay rectangular tiles in a staggered zigzag pattern, as shown in the image. The tiles do not have angled edges and sharp points, unlike in the chevron pattern.

White herringbone porcelain tiles on bathroom walls and shower. | Source: Houzz AU

Advanced tile technology lets us use a wide range of tiles in wet areas. This means we’re not limited to subway tiles if we want these French tile patterns in our bathroom. Try this arrangement using other tile designs — concrete, stone, and timber lookalikes. You will end up with a pleasing wall or floor design.

Modern 3D Tiles

These 3D wall tiles are the solution when you’re done with the basic two-dimensional bathroom design. Consider using them when you want your bathroom walls to come to life. These come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles, and can be arranged in endless combinations that will wow your senses. It’s a new, unique, and luxurious way to add texture to the bathroom. Were sure that you’ll find them irresistible.  

Source: Houzz AU


Exposed brick is a lovely feature anywhere in the house except in wet areas like the bathroom. It’s hard to keep it clean and free from moulds! Good thing there are substitutes such as tumbled travertine or rough porcelain tiles. Have them in terracotta or in burnt orange and it will emulate the rawness and roughness of bricks. This is great especially if you’re a fan of rustic bathrooms. 

Source: Houzz AU

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