12 September 2018

5 Millennial Office Design Trends that Will Stand the Test of Time

The workplace changes for the better.

Workplace design plays a vital role in the success of businesses today. Because of that, designers forecast more office optimization as we head to the new year. We are going to see new and exciting office design trends. And, millennials are bringing timeless design ideas to the table.


Here are the modern office design trends that we’ll see for a long time:

A balance of business and leisure

Some of the most successful companies today uphold a fun-loving corporate culture. Giants like Google, Facebook, and GoPro showcase this culture through their office design. They offer a blend of productivity-focused and fun-centric areas to their employees.An office design like this doesn’t compromise everyone’s focus and productivity because it sends a powerful message to the employees. It means that the office isn’t only concerned about business. People can take a break and unwind when need to.

This holistic and healthy workplace design aims to keep employees happy and fulfilled. This work environment doesn’t make them feel like they work-like-a-dog-until-retirement. Instead, they feel like they’re having fun at work.

Coworking spaces

Several companies today offer work-from-home setups to attract workers from younger generations. It works, but remote working isn’t pure joy and freedom to them. They miss the interactions that happen in a regular office too. As a compromise, they stay and work in coworking spaces.

Coworking offices are nicely and meticulously maintained spaces shared by self-employed and remote workers of a company. It’s where they collaborate with teammates, learn new skills, and network with important people. Interestingly, people who work in coworking spaces feel like their work is more meaningful. They feel like they’re growing and becoming better with what they do.The reason why coworking spaces effectively lie in its design. These spaces have a mix of open space and private rooms where one can work alone.

Working from home, some people feel stagnant. Coworking spaces provide a comfortable and functional space for them to interact with others.

At the same time, coworking allows people to work alone in peace. This helps remote workers who don’t have a home office.


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Energy-efficiency and sustainability

Millennials and the succeeding generations take the health of the planet seriously. They express their concern about how their workplace design affects the environment. As a result, more businesses adhere to environmentally-sound practices. They hire workplace designers who use sustainable building materials, energy-efficient lighting, and eco-friendly design principles too.

Going green

This trend is about bringing life to the office by growing lush indoor plants.Greenery in the workplace has a lot of advantages. Research has proven that plants bolster employee productivity and morale. Plants improve indoor air quality too. They get rid of pollutants that we unknowingly inhale at work. Also, lush foliage brightens up the office. Everybody loves a touch of nature because they find it refreshing.

Use of ergonomic furniture pieces

Did you know that sitting is the new smoking? Our bodies aren’t designed to sit and slouch for long periods of time. Having a sedentary lifestyle puts us at risk of risk of cardiovascular diseases and deadly diabetes. 

To keep the workplace healthy, some designers include standing desks in the office. It’s there, ready to be used by anyone who wants to transition from sitting to a standing position.

Standing desks are one of those trends that will stay for quite a long time. People are inventing accessories that go with it, such as ergonomic keyboards and mice and monitor risers. Together, these tools will help avoid workplace injuries like sprains, strains, and carpal tunnel syndrome.Apart from user-friendly furniture, ergonomics is also about controlling noise pollution. Soundproofing can help create a quiet office. A tranquil workplace generally houses a more productive workforce.Our workplace changes for the better. A few neat compromises, like the five mentioned above, can make your office become a better place. Above all, your employees will feel happy while they’re at it.


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