16 April 2018

5 Tips to Avoid Fatal Construction Accidents

According to Safe Work Australia, the country’s construction is the third deadliest industry as it consistently has a high rate of fatalities and serious injuries. Thousands of cases are recorded annually and everyone — including the workers, tradies, homeowners, and passers-by are at risk of construction accidents.
Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial project, the safety of the people is your top priority. Do every task on site with caution. Make sure that everyone adheres to the safety rules. Unfortunately, accidents still happen despite establishing safety precautions. To help make your worksite safer, follow these tips:

Stay away from operational machines

Do not overcrowd the construction site once the workers run machines. The people who are not involved in the work done must not be present in the construction site. Keep observers and bystanders away as it only opens the possibility of an accident.
Superdraft tip: During meetings, ask the contractors to conceal the construction site so it doesn’t attract attention

Ensure enough room when loading and unloading equipment

Large pieces of equipment need enough room to manoeuvre within the construction site. Keep people away from the sides of the machine. Have someone (a spotter) to guide the machine operator through while he loads and unloads the machines.

Mark overhead and buried obstructions

Put obvious warning signs on overhead obstructions such as low clearance entrances. Do the same with underground utilities such as sewers, electrical, water, gas, telecom lines. Make sure that the markings are accurate to avoid errors in the future.

Know the limits of the machine

There are times when you need to operate on a slope and other tricky construction site surfaces. Be careful when you do. Always take precautions before you start working. More importantly, know the limits of the machine. Don’t push the machine too hard.

Hire people who have had safety training

Work with builders and tradies who went through safety programs because they know all the safety precautions and rules that need to be followed in the construction site.
Everyone’s safety must be your top priority. May these general safety precautions help you maintain an accident-free zone. Use it to prevent accidents while you’re working on your projects. Be proactive at all times.
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