How to makes designers and builders work together like a well-oiled machine

Building designers and builders who get along together finish a custom home perfectly with fewer problems. Homeowners love that.
Making architects and builders work together

Your designer's main goal is to design that’s functional, ergonomic, comfortable, and beautiful home design for you. A custom builder aims to build that design while using the right construction methods and keeping an eye on your budget. So, when building designers and builders work together as a team, any building project ends successfully.

At Superdraft, we believe that the clients benefit the most when both the designer and builder bring their talent and expertise to the table. So, we make sure that the designers and builders given to you get along and work together like a well-oiled machine.

Here are our tips for all expert design and building professionals out there:

Respect each other and avoid overstepping the boundary

There is no conflict when every designer and builder respect each other’s profession, talents, and experiences.

In the ideal world, all builders must hire designers to design custom homes. That way, designers can share their design expertise and make recommendations on design and execution.

At the same time, designers must recognise the builder’s expertise and strengths. Builders know a lot about construction techniques; some even help the owner cut construction costs. They help keep the project within the budget.

Problems arise when somebody crosses his/her bounds. There are cases when the designer act as an authority over the construction techniques. Sometimes, builders do the same with the design.

It’s a challenge every time this happens. The project owner gets torn and pulled towards different directions. They get confused — and we don’t want that.

More problems occur when either designer or builder is not as experienced, talented, or professional as one hoped.

Builders admire designers who produce good working drawings — the ones that add up together and makes sense. They hate it when the planning drawings lack details. It’s hard to build something you don’t completely visualise.

It’s also a horror when designers work with substandard builders. The design planning stage is crucial. All efforts to create great drawings are lost when work is shoddy.

No worries. All the problems mentioned above can be solved when the designers and builders communicate with each other. Through that, they can find ways to solve problems, make ends meet, and help the other person improve his/her skills.

Maintain an open and good communication

The key to a successful working relationship is regular communication. When the designers and builders talk and listen to each other, their minds meet and everyone understands the goal of the project.

One way to facilitate this is through regularly scheduled meetings. Here, the designer, the owner, and the builders meet to discuss the improvement of the project, to answer some questions, to clarify something that’s not clear on the plans, and to discuss design variations — if there’s any.

It’s also wise to invite everyone in the team — interior designers, landscape architects, and other trades involved in the project to avoid surprises in the future.

Tap previous business partners

In some cases, designers recommend their preferred builders to the homeowner. They wish to partner with great builders who are easy to work with to avoid conflict and miscommunication in the future. Everything is easier when the designers and builders have worked together in the past.

In case the homeowner chose the builder and designers, we recommend that you set up a meeting as soon as possible. Do this to know who you’re working with and to establish a good relationship with them early. If there’s a good team relationship, everything is easier. No worries, industry experts can do this within the first hour of meeting the other person. 

What are Superdraft's best practices?

The experienced professionals to engage in a project are the ones who involve themselves and who offer solid opinions, solutions, and suggestions to the team. Find the ones who bring talent and skills to the table, not the ‘YES’ man or woman.

For the designer, stick with someone who sticks with their design but remains open to other perspectives. A designer must explain the benefits, function, and purpose of their design. They must be a good listener as well. If the project owner wants to change something, he/she must come up with an accommodating solution.

The builder must be honest and flexible as well. If they think a certain design is too complicated and might increase construction cost, they must speak up and tell the designer or the owner. Or, they may propose alternative construction methods to cut costs.

Building designers and builders can work together and function like a well-oiled machine. When they do, the clients benefit. They end up with a custom home that’s a product of creativity and teamwork.

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