Top tips for lighting your garden

Essential knowledge that every homeowner should know about lighting a garden — plus, this year's outdoor lighting trends to inspire you
garden lighting

When it comes to garden lighting, many homeowners make a mistake of just installing several flood lights around their property. Garden lighting is more than just about providing visibility. It is about carefully planning and installing light fixtures around your house and across your garden to create a beautiful ambiance and make it look spectacular at night. The right type of lighting will help to accentuate your property and ensure you have an amazing outdoor space. 

With that in mind, let’s look into the essential knowledge that every homeowner should know about lighting a garden — plus, this year’s outdoor lighting trends to inspire you: 

Advantages of having a good outdoor lighting design

Investing in landscape and garden design is one thing you should consider. This will help to:

  • Increase the safety of your property. Lighting gives you a better view of your property at night. It’s also useful for visitors arriving at night. A well-lit garden will help them avoid accidents (e.g. tripping on cracks and falling off stairs).
  • Boost the security of your home. Outdoor lighting discourages burglars from breaking and entering. It also ensures that your home’s CCTV footages are clear at night. 
  • Improve kerb appeal. A well-executed outdoor lighting design highlights the best features of the house and its surroundings. This is very important to homeowners who have plans to sell their home in the near future. A home with stunning kerb appeal is more attractive to potential buyers and might boost your property’s value.

If you are thinking about having better outdoor lighting this year, now is the best time to look into some trends and see what you can embrace:

2021 Outdoor and garden lighting trends

This year’s outdoor and garden lighting trends aim to help homeowners turn their outdoor spaces into a private sanctuary. To make this happen, homeowners must opt for soft, soothing and subtle lighting techniques. 

If you have a tree in your yard, consider moonlighting. Place an indistinguishable light fixture high up in a tree to cast shadows of the branches and leaves on the ground. As you can see, this mimics the effect of moonlight.

Credits: Kichler Lighting

Underwater lighting is a must if you have a water feature like a small waterfall, pond, stream, or fountain. This makes the trickling water delightful to look at.

Credits: Kichler Lighting

Xeriscape lighting is nice if your garden features low and short shrubs, grass, and cacti. Use the plants to shield the bulb and conceal the light source.

Credits: Kichler Lighting

For safety and wayfinding, make sure that your walkways have pathway lighting and your staircases have step lights or LED lights. It is crucial to draw the eyes to where you walk to avoid accidents.

garden lighting
Light and beautiful stairs of the terrace

Many homeowners get inspiration from the landscape design of public parks. Their lighting of choice are beacon or bollard lights. These are perfect for lighting up pathways.

garden lighting
Bollard lighting and spotlights accentuates this pathway with Chinese bamboo.

If you are a person who likes to host parties, consider hanging string lights above your outdoor dining and lounge area. These light fixtures double as seasonal decorations, and you can rearrange them depending on the occasion.

Cosy patio with table lamps and string lights.

More than the design, you should consider investing in solar-powered LED light fixtures. This way, you can light up your property every night, without feeling guilty about your power consumption. 

Weatherproof, smart lighting systems are under the limelight right now. Think of lights that you can control using a mobile app, wireless switch, or voice assistant. These systems often have motion sensors too.

Tips for choosing garden lights

When shopping for garden lights, look for four simple things:

  1. It should be waterproof and weatherproof. Outdoor and garden lights are always exposed to the elements. Invest in durable lamps that can serve you for years.
  2. It should be energy-efficient. We discourage you from using power-hungry light bulbs to prevent a spike in your electrical consumption. Choose LED or solar-powered variants so you can light up the garden without hesitation.
  3. It should match the architectural style of your house. There are so many different styles of lighting out there, but your choices must be coherent with the architecture and time period of your house.
  4. It should be easy to clean and maintain. There will be times when you need to clean the light fixtures and change the light bulbs. You want to be able to do this by yourself.

For lounge areas, consider buying light fixtures that support dimmable switches and tri-coloured LED light bulbs that have cool white, daylight, and warm white settings.

garden lighting
Japanese style lit gravel walkway

Shopping for garden lights is one of the most challenging things to do on your own, unless you already have a specific design or a specific brand and model in mind. There are many options in the market and it might confuse and overwhelm you. 

Here’s when getting the help of a landscape designer and a certified electrician will come in handy.

Planning your garden lighting with professionals

Homeowners who want to invest in their home’s landscaping will need the help of a landscape designer. Apart from beautifying your garden and outdoor space, this design consultant will:

  • Come up with the most optimum lighting designs
  • Figure out the direction and angle of the light to achieve a desired effect
  • Recommends the kind of light fixture to use
  • Ensures that the light fixtures match the architectural style of the house

Superdraft, can help you secure the planning drawings and landscape design of your garden. We have qualified landscape designers on our team who are ready to serve you.

You will also need the electrical plans to give to your electrician, we can provide you this documentation as well. 

Start planning your garden and outdoor space.

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