7 essential home office design tips

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With more companies and businesses embracing the remote working setup, many people find the likelihood of having a home office helpful.

Having a dedicated office at home will make the transition from on-site to off-site work easier.

However, it is not always easy to set up an office. A simple desk and chair tucked in a corner might not be conducive to productivity. Often, homeowners need to renovate and redecorate to have one. Others 

Are you planning an interior renovation to build an office? If so, remember these tips:

Plan where to put your home office

Look for the perfect place to situate your home office before commencing any work. Assess your current space and figure out where you can squeeze the office or if you need to renovate to make room for it.

Always consider your working style, the nature of your work, and the needs of the people living with you. You want your home office to exist without affecting your family’s daily activities.

Design the office suitable to your workflow

Consider the nature of your job or business, your tech needs, storage needs, and how your typical workday goes. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What time of the day and how long will I be in my home office?
  • What type of equipment will I use every day at work?
  • Will I use video conferencing every day to connect with coworkers and clients?
  • How many outlets do I need?
  • How much desktop space do I need?
  • How do I organise my wires?
  • How private do I want my home office to be?
  • How do I reduce noise and disruption in my home office?
  • How do I control clutter and make sure that everything will be left untouched?
  • How much and what kind of storage do I need?

Answering these questions can help you design a home office that makes your work easier.

Install good lighting

Good lighting is essential in your workspace. There should be a good balance of soft daylight, ambient lighting, and task lighting. 

Natural light helps boost mood and productivity, so let it in your home office during the day while working. Getting natural light is also the reason why so many home offices sit next to a window.

Design an ergonomic home office to avoid fatigue

Design your office and use the right equipment to ensure comfort while working. 

The basics of office ergonomics start with a good chair and table. Proper posture while working is essential as well.

Prioritise your privacy

One of the ways to ensure privacy in your home office is to set it up in a closed space. This way, you secure your devices and won't get distracted by other people while working.

If you don't have the space for it, squeeze in your office in one corner of your bedroom or living room. Set up your table and chair so it faces away from the bed and other distractions.

Embrace a green and sustainable office design

If you are renovating to make room for an office, we highly recommend embracing green, energy-efficient, and sustainable office design.

Consider using sustainable building materials for your office and your office furniture. Use natural light and make sure to insulate your home. Use energy-efficient lighting for your office as well.

Paint your walls with a suitable office wall colour

The colour of your home office's walls can make or break the design. 

Here, we are huge fans of having white walls because they help keep the home office feel more relaxed and less cluttered. However, feel free to use any colour that you like! 


  1. Light and soft tints on the walls help avoid eyestrain
  2. Neutrals with more greyed hues help you concentrate

Decorate your office

Decorate your home office using items of short destressing, such as indoor plants, fun family photos, travel souvenirs, work awards and recognitions. 

If you are renovating to make room for an office, you might need the help of a draftsman for the working drawings.

If you are renovating your whole house and you want to include a home office in your plans, then a getting a building designer is more suitable for the job.

Plan and coordinate your project with both professionals using Superdraft's project coordination app. Register or sign up today to explore its free features! 

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