Superdraft designer's tips to a successful knockdown-rebuild project

Sold on the idea of a knockdown-rebuild? We have further advice that you should hear before you take the plunge.
knockdown-rebuild project

Are you sold on the idea of a knockdown-rebuild project? If you are, here are our professional pieces of advice which you can take with you, as you embark on this remarkable journey. 

Engage design experts early

Designing and building your new home alone can be a lengthy and challenging process, especially when you have zero experience in building. 

But, having an expert designer to guide you every step of the way can make the project more manageable. You can rely on him/her to create designs that adhere to the local building codes, to steer the project in the right direction, to help you make difficult design decisions, to deal with the local council, and to work with builders and tradespeople during construction.

There will be a lot of challenges and complexities along the way. It will be better when you have the right designer on board. Find the best one for your project. Take your time. Never make rash decisions. Make sure they demonstrate experience in handling projects similar to yours. Ask them if they can work with your budget. Above all, ensure that you understand the fees for their services.

If you already have a shortlist of design professionals but still jot sure who to choose, seek for their client's feedback. Please take a closer look at their previous projects. Seeing their previous work and clients will help you make a decision.

Here in Superdraft, we remove the weight of looking for a designer from your shoulders. When you engage us, we will introduce you to a high-caliber designer who's an expert on building homes similar to yours.

Once you're paired with a designer, you can work with them immediately. You can start designing and rebuilding your dream home, and you can monitor the progress of your project using our online project management tracker. 

Provide a design brief

It is crucial for your designer to understand your goals and vision for the project. You can relay all the pieces of information to him/her through a well-written, detailed design brief. Check out this guide we previously published. You can also try writing one based on these guide questions

The point of writing a design brief is to find out what you ‘need' in your home, so you can avoid prioritising the ‘want'.

It also helps the designer create a home that's truly unique and tailored to your needs. In the end, you will appreciate the design because it was made for you.

Check the existing structure before demolition

Hold the demolition for a minute because the current structure might tell you something interesting about the site, particularly about soil condition. 

If the soil underneath the structure is not stable, the foundation of the new house might crack or sink. Worse, the new home might fall. 

Apart from observation, we highly suggest a geotechnical investigation. This way, you will know if the new house needs elaborate engineering for the footings and foundation. 

Put a buffer in your budget

Even if there are fewer unwanted costs that occur on a knockdown-rebuild project, you should still have a contingency in your budget. You never know what surprise costs will pop up along the way.

Think things through and finalise the design

A knockdown-rebuild project offers a lot of benefits, but this isn't always the best option for everyone. 

This is true for people who's current home is still in good condition and only needs a small, minor renovation. 

What you can do is to weigh up your finances and predict the final cost of the renovation based on the scale of work. When the renovation costs so much, it might be better to knock the house down and start again. 

If you continue your knockdown-rebuild project, look for a place to live in during the renovation and rebuild. You can rent a property or live with family. Factor the expenses here in your budget too.

Start your knockdown-rebuild project right

Are you ready to embark on a knockdown-rebuild project? Start with a Superdraft designer. We have hundreds of draftspeople building designers in Brisbane who are ready to help you. They are capable of helping you steer the project in the right direction. Request a consultation and get a free quote.



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