Being unstoppable: designing the future

Superdraft is designing the future. We caught up with Jake to discuss all things business, success and what it means being unstoppable.

Jake Robinson is an award-winning entrepreneur first and foremost, and the brainchild behind Superdraft; one of the country’s largest and fastest growing architecture companies. Combining his architecture and engineering know-how with his entrepreneurial mindset, Jake brought his dream of creating a residential architecture network – where design, drafting, engineering, construction and finance come together under the one roof – to life with profound success.

He achieved this by implementing an ultra-scalable business model, partnering with key people and maintaining a clear focus on technology and innovation – common principles that underpin many of our Unstoppable leaders’ success.

We caught up with this young, dynamic leader to discuss all things business, success and what it means to be truly unstoppable.

Jake-and-Mark-Awards-1What does being unstoppable mean to you?

“Unstoppable people are inspirational. They know how to pitch their dreams and speak with authority and passion. Being unstoppable means to take the opportunity to connect with like-minded people; to get inspiration and learn from their experiences and basically connect with key people that I can leverage off. It means to crystalise my vision with others without limitations.”

What core insights have you taken from being a part of the Unstoppables community?

“The importance of continually developing my skills and learning ways to assert myself. I was able to come out of my shell and be open with expressing my views and pitches in front of a large group of experienced intellectuals. Being able to build confidence and an ability to speak well in front of big groups and intelligent people is essential and being able to better those skills under pressure.”

“In relation to the Unstoppables “levels” concept, which I found amazing; I found that I was operating out of a Level 5 stage in my entrepreneurial journey and that there was so much more beyond that. I could leverage off level 4 people but had not previously seen the pathway to expand my vision to a Level 6 and 7 which involved a much greater purpose and meaning behind my work. I often focused on myself and my own empire but not the effect it was having on others, the communities and the world. I see the power in expansion beyond my current level of entrepreneurship.”

What is your unstoppable vision?

“My focus is on Superdraft, with a vision for Archi X. Archi X is about creating your dreams. Taking a dream, idea or concept and through a collaboration platform access the greatest minds to create it, support it and fund it. It will revolutionise the building industry. It will also become the innovation and invention platform for the future. It combines virtual reality technology and crowdfunding, a future Uber-style app that connects ideas to creation.”

What wisdom can you offer our community?

“You have to create a dream and you have to stick at it. If you set a basic pathway to it and an end point and start driving towards that destination, you will get there! Never give up. If I lose everything I could go out and create another dream and start driving again.”


Article by Unstoppables, 08 JUL 2016. posted in http://unstoppables.com.au/designing-the-future/

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