10 winning ways to use terracotta tiles in your home

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Besides timber and stone, there’s another timeless flooring that you must see. We’re talking about terracotta tiles. These hardwearing and stunning tiles add cosiness and warm elegance to your home. Best of all, it suits a lot of interior design styles. It works well in rustic, traditional, and in contemporary settings. It also comes in various textures and finishes, so you can choose the best look for your home. 

Terracotta is an ancient building material that translates from Latin as “cooked earth.” It can be unglazed, painted, slip glazed, or glazed. People have used this clay-based ceramic for centuries and it’s still far from being obsolete. Are you planning to lay terracotta tiles to your floor? Here are some inspirational ways to use them:

Terracotta tiles warm white kitchen

Aussies are in love with white kitchens. The light and bright palette we prefer matches the richness and warmth of terracotta floors. It’s a beautiful floor that grounds a clean, crisp white space. We like the combination of big and small square tiles. This random tile pattern makes this narrow service feel larger.

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: http://www.traditionalhome.com/

Terracotta floors complement brick walls too. It’s a match made in heaven for a person who likes rustic kitchen interiors.

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: http://decodice.com/

Terracotta interiors look good with indoor plants

Terracotta tiles in colours ranging from sand (creamy, light brown) to brick red-orange always look better with plants. It’s earthy. It’s fresh.

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: http://www.secondshoutout.com/

Terracotta floors are perfect in country kitchens

Terracotta floors will help you achieve a classic farmhouse look. Integrate strong elements of wood and metal in your space too.

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: https://alhambrahome.co.uk/

Terracotta tiles are awesome for indoor and outdoor use

It’s wise to lay terracotta tiles in your foyer, mudroom, or courtyard. A durable and hardwearing flooring like this can survive the wear and tear brought about your shoes and the dirt from outside.

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: https://alhambrahome.co.uk/

Terracotta tiles are porous and require regular sealing to avoid stains. Use a high-quality sealant to protect and lengthen the service of your tiles.

Worn and weathered terracotta tiles look great with antiques

If you don’t seal these tiles, terracotta will develop a patina. You’ll end up with ancient-looking floors that complement vintage fixtures. Take a look at the beauty formed when you put together an antique sideboard on terra-cotta tile floors. Everything looks good together.

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: http://www.lonny.com/

Cool contemporary home with terracotta files

Terracotta looks good in both old-world and modern interior design styles. Pair it with clean walls and streamlined furniture, you’ll have minimal interiors that don’t lack warmth.  

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: http://www.delikatissen.com/

Terracotta tiles come in matte and glossy finishes. Choose the tile that suits your desired look for your space.

Terracotta look great around pools

Terracotta suits indoor and outdoor use. Lay it around your pool and use it under your alfresco area. Integrate earthy elements in the poolside area like this light-toned wood paneling to make it more relaxing.

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: https://www.dezeen.com/

Terracotta tiles in bathrooms and other wet areas

Because terracotta is porous and prone to water damage, it’s not always the top choice for bathrooms. Good thing you can buy high-quality sealants which you can use to protect these tiles. Because of it, you can lay these lovely tiles in the bathroom.

You can use it to add warmth in a minimalist bathroom:

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: http://www.desiretoinspire.net/

Or use it to create a chic bathroom like this:

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: http://blog.zuluandzephyr.com/

This tile comes in a lot of shapes, colours, and sizes. You have room to play and think outside the box. 🙂

Terracotta tiles warm up the fireplace

Terracotta looks great on a fireplace mantle. The entire thing will become an attention seeker as it stands out from the rest of the interiors.

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: Nanette Wong

Terracotta hallways and walkways

Terracotta is also a practical underfoot for high-traffic zones such as your hallways. It’s a tough material and will survive the parade of people for a lifetime.

Terracotta Tiles in Your Home

Source: CGN Designs LLC

Loved this article about terracotta tiles? We made a comprehensive list of other eco-friendly and recycled building materials that you can use in your home renovation project too! Check it out! 

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