8 October 2019

Australian Architecture Series: The Victorian-Style Terrace House

In this blog series, we’ll describe the most common historical housing styles in the country. Here, let’s check out the typical features, history, and origin of the Victorian-style terrace house and its relevance in today’s housing.
All About The Victorian-Style Terrace House - Australian Architecture Series

The Victorian-style terrace house emerged in the 1850s, as housing developed in Australia. These stunning homes first appeared in the inner city suburbs, and we can still see most of them in Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong, and Ballarat.

Take a look at this majestic creation:

Victorian terrace on canterbury road, Middle Park.jpg
By DonaldytongOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Features of Victorian-style terrace house

  • Looks similar to a townhouse development
  • The building is set back from the street 
  • Stunning small front gardens
  • Usually built with brick and covered in stucco
  • Features filigree or intricate metalwork
  • Ornamental facade and outdoor areas
  • Heavily influenced by European architecture, with inspiration coming from France, Italy, and England
  • Always built on a flat plot of land
  • Florid parapets and balustrades
  • Tall chimneys
  • Symmetrical

Why did people build terrace houses?

Many people built terrace houses in the inner suburbs of large Australian cities during the Victorian era. Back then, people strive for sophistication and elegance, so, they adapted the opulent architectural style of homes in London and Paris.

How significant are these today?

Built near the central business districts of Australia’s major cities, many terrace houses today are highly sought after in the property market. Until now, people adore this unique and luxurious structure — and call them home. 

Also, there are more significant efforts to preserve the country’s traditional architecture, including the Victorian-style terrace house. You can spot a lot of Victorian houses in Sydney. Most of these homes get renovated to retain their beauty. Modern homes built beside these heritage buildings also adapted a few design features of their neighbour such as the decorative balustrades and parapets. 

Drummond Street Terrace Houses.jpg
By rexnessFlickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

If you need help renovating a Victorian-style terrace house, contact our designers. We have renovation experts in Sydney and Melbourne who are ready to help you.


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