27 October 2017

How Virtual Reality can Defuse Conflicts over Construction Projects

Virtual Reality technology advances rapidly and in no other industry is this more relevant than in the AEC business. Here's how this tech can smoothen communication between the stakeholders.

Virtual reality (VR) is fun, efficient, and easy to understand—which is why we see it as a tool to improve communication between all stakeholders of a large building project. Through it, we can clear out inevitable disagreements between the planners, engineers, and the council. It can help pinpoint even the smallest concerns so all the people responsible for it can create a solution before the team begins construction. 


Communication breakdowns are common


Some construction errors and mishaps happen when stakeholders of a pending project cannot explain the plans in terms that everyone can understand.


This is where virtual reality comes in. With VR tech, the project comes to life even before the construction phase. Simulators will enable the people to explore the structure thoroughly. You can create scenarios and understand the relationship of the structure with nature—similar to how pros do it on-site. If you wish to change or update fittings and finishes, all you need to do is click and drag the pointer. 


More importantly, virtual reality inspires the citizens, particularly the homeowners, to get involved in the design process. Since you can visualise the project, you can easily communicate your expectations with the architect and the designer. Successful communication at the very beginning helps build a stronger foundation for the structure.


Virtual Reality


Of course, virtual reality presentations are not enough. Designers should still explain these to the clients verbally. One cannot rely on one visualisation and expect everyone in the project to understand. It is there to make the plan clear and structured.


We at Superdraft launched our very own Virtual Reality platform called VIZ360. If you’re interested to use our VR services, go here.


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