13 helpful wardrobe renovation tips to help maximise space

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Scandinavian and minimalist glass wardrobe

Doing a wardrobe renovation can be easy, right? You can seamlessly update your wardrobe with bold paint, a cute flowery curtain, a wallpaper — but wait, where’s the extra functionality in that? How do you innovatively transform your wardrobe if it doesn’t work for you any more?

In this article, we’ll share some tips to help you maximise your wardrobe space. We’ll also share innovative designs you can recreate in your wardrobe renovation project.

Let’s get started!

Types of wardrobe

problematic disorganised wardrobe

Choosing the type of wardrobe is never an easy task on your renovation checklist. You must first lay down your considerations — the usage, functionality, size, practicality, and more. Consider also the number of users.

Is it your personal wardrobe? Or a shared wardrobe?

Most Australian homes have a wardrobe per bedroom. However, you have the option of updating your wardrobe spaces to suit your requirements. For example, a walk-in linen cupboard in the laundry makes it easy to keep clothes after washing or ironing. Plus, it’s a room that is accessible for all the users in the house.

If it’s the latter, you can have your walk-in closets beside their laundry rooms, making it easier to stack clothes right after washing. Having your wardrobe in a common area makes it easier for users to access their wardrobe efficiently.

laundryroom and wardrobe

Here are the types of wardrobes you can consider for your renovation:

Freestanding wardrobe

black and open freestanding wardrobe

By the term itself, it’s freestanding furniture or a combination of cabinets and shelves. 

Flat-pack wardrobe

assembling cabinet

A flat-pack wardrobe is a set of unassembled furniture. It’s available in different colours, styles, and sizes, and the buyer must put it together after purchase. They are affordable and easy to transport.


walk-in wardrobe

Aside from providing storage space for your things, a walk-in wardrobe can also be a dressing room. It’s usually attached to your bedroom or the laundry area.

Open wardrobe

open modern white grey wardrobe renovation

Since it’s “open”, it can help you quickly access and showcase your clothes, shoes, pieces of jewellery, and other accessories. Having no door makes it possible for ventilation and airflow leaving your clothes smelling fresh.

Built-in/fitted wardrobes

wardrobe renovation installation portion

If you’re opting to renovate, built-in wardrobes are worth the cost while maximising your wardrobe space. It fits your wardrobe space precisely, leaving no gaps and fully maximising your available space.

built-in and custom made wardrobe

They can be do-it-yourself (DIY), or you can also hire a professional cabinet maker. A skilled and experienced draftsman can also help you with your wardrobe renovation. Hiring a professional helps make sure that your wardrobe fits exactly the building design of your room or house.

Wardrobe renovation options

You can choose any of the following styles for your wardrobe:

Sliding wardrobe

sliding door in wardrobe renovation

Sliding wardrobe doors help you make the most of your room (bedroom or laundry area) as it occupies less space. It’s a stylish choice against the traditional door style and can be up to four doors.

Hinged wardrobe

hinged wardrobe door

Hinged wardrobes have traditional swing doors attached by hinges. They can be handleless. They are also common, conventional, and versatile enough for any wardrobe design. 

Mirrored wardrobe

white sliding mirror wardrobe

Adding a mirror to your wardrobe can provide extra dimensions and an illusion of a larger space. It helps natural light to reflect through the whole wardrobe, making it more sleek and luxurious at the same time.

Tips for improving space in your wardrobe renovation

1.But first, declutter

modern and luxurious open wardrobe

One fundamental rule in a wardrobe renovation: DECLUTTER.

Remove the things you don’t need anymore. You can trash, sell, give, or donate the items 1) you don’t usually use daily; 2) you only used once in the last three years; or 3) you haven’t used yet.

Let go of the things you don’t want and retain don’t need.

2. Re-organise = wardrobe renovation

decluttering in wardrobe renovation

You can strategically categorise your wardrobe. The whole point of having a wardrobe is to have a storage system and have easier access to all of your clothing and accessories.

You can organise your wardrobe according to:

1. Frequency of use: your dailies or necessities, your party clothes, your work clothes

2.Item type: shoes, shirts, blouses, dresses, sweaters, pyjamas, etc.

3.Colour (neutrals, bolds): colours give you an easy visual of the item you’re looking for

organising wardrobe by colour

4. Purpose: work clothes, sleep attire, casuals, special occasions, gym attire

5. Season: winter or summer clothes

6. Price: Your designer bags and clothes deserve nothing but the utmost care and priority. Place them in their respective dust bags and stuff them with newspaper or used clothes to keep them from deforming.

Superdraft tip: Use silica gel pouches included in the item or you can purchase some online. These are widely used to keep your bags dry.

7. Liking: You’ll be the one using your wardrobe, so adjust it according to your own personal preference.

folding and organising clothes in a roomYou can use clothing dividers, wicker baskets, or modular shelves to differentiate your wardrobe. You can consider coat racks or hooks to hang the things you used for a few hours and will be using for the next 24 hours or so.

3. Maximise a corner

wardrobe embracing a corner

It’s always a dilemma to maximise a corner space. It’s either hard to reach or too little room for an item. Good thing there are pull-out or retractable baskets, cabinets, or the option of a custom-built cabinet.

Look at this sizeable walk-in wardrobe maximising the left corner portion of the whole cabinet.

4. Create wall-mount storage

wall mount cabinets customised wardrobe

A blank wall doesn't need to be just a blank wall – especially in the bedroom. Who says you can’t put a shelf beside, over, or above your bed? Get creative!

5. Accommodate irregular spaces in your wardrobe renovation

white and luxurious wardrobe

Aside from corner cabinets, find ways to accommodate awkward spaces. A custom-built cabinet is always the best choice as it embraces and maximises even the tiniest space in your building design. 

6. Match your furniture

rustic black wardrobe with glass windows

In a wardrobe: the more space-saving furniture, the better.  Get furniture that will match the overall look of your room. A two-seater sofa or an ottoman can best fit your wardrobe. After all, your wardrobe isn’t a lounge where you hang out.

7. Remove the doors

If you’re eyeing off a walk-in wardrobe adjoining your bedroom, you might want to lose the door and use curtains instead. You can also convert it into glass sliding doors that don’t swing and take up less floor space. Saved space can make room for more cabinets, shelves, rails, and racks. 

You can also use a curtain to cover items that don’t need exposure. 

Thinking of a bedroom makeover? Check out our bedroom renovation guide.

8. Opt for windows out

Aside from bringing in sunlight which can harm your designer bags, shoes, and clothes, your window space can do much more. Forget the window and take advantage of its space. Extend your cabinets near the ceiling and place your necessities at arm’s reach. Keep the ones you don’t usually use on the top-most shelves.

9. Mirror!

glass and wooden wardrobe renovation

If you removed the door to your wardrobe — you could be torn between eliminating them completely or modifying it to an open wardrobe. Try installing a mirror. It will make your wardrobe wide and spacious.

10. Install rods

clothing cabinet rod

You can hang your belts and other accessories using a rod. Consider placing it in your custom-built wardrobe or on a blank wall with the depth and position of your rod in mind. It can be wood, steel, or wire, but the most popular material is a chrome-plated rod. Make sure you install it with a wall stud for better support.

11. Use light for your wardrobe renovation

wardrobe renovation with a illuminated mirror

You could use some light, but the sun isn’t always an option. Aside from wearing out your clothes, it can also cause further damage.
You can install decorative lights or bulbs to add illumination. If you’re at work most of the week, you can have an illuminated mirror on your make-up table to make it easier to get ready.

12. Add shelves

installing shelves in wardrobe renovation

Maximise your storage space. Put in as many shelves and drawers as you can. With the right professional to help you, the space will be maximised.

13. Use neutral paint colours

neutral paint in wardrobe renovation

You can choose any colour you want as long as it complements the existing colour of the house. However, light paint is always better than bold as it can help your items stand out. Plus, a light pain or a neutral helps your room feel airy and spacious.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.What are the materials you can use for your wardrobe makeover?

You can use laminate wood, metal, hardwood, and glass for your project. Make sure that the materials you use will complement your home design and interior. Such a decision will affect the budget as well.

2.Can you do a wardrobe renovation on a budget?

Of course, you can renovate cost-effectively. First, you have to set a reasonable budget for your renovation. Talk to a building designer or a draftsman for your project and ask for a quote. A quote is essential to know where to cut costs or if you need to change materials.

3.How do you start with your renovation?

Talking to a professional about your project is a great way to start. If you have any questions, you can book a consultation, and we’ll provide you with a build cost estimation for free. Using the planning dashboard platform, you can also access and keep track of your project.

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You can also access and keep track of your project using the planning dashboard platform where you can visualise the 3D design of your project.

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