18 Ways to Install Mood Lighting Like a World-Class Designer

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When it comes to lighting design, designers always go with the layered approach. They combine ambient, accent, and task lighting to create a visually comfortable and appealing space. Mood lighting is an important part of this as well. It’s the secret to why some rooms feel different and special.
Want to know how designers use mood lighting to make wonderful spaces? Check out our list below!


1. Hang stylish pendant lights

Pendant lights brighten and add style to the room. It hits two design goals at the same time! Just go with the design that suits your overall decor. 

Almost everything in this kitchen is made of natural building materials — there’s wood, metal, stone, and ceramic. It’s cohesive and sophisticated. | Source: Pinterest

2. Dazzle with a classic chandelier

Opulent chandeliers are trending again. People love how each crystal on the light fitting reflects light that shines above everything else. Since it’s a classic, this timeless piece will work in both traditional and modern spaces.

The classic chandelier brings elegance in the room. | Source: Pinterest

3. Wow with a contemporary chandelier

These chandeliers possess sophistication and drama that modern homeowners can’t resist.

Lindsey Branching Bubble Chandelier above a modern dining table. Large-scale light fixtures like this is a good substitute for three pendant lights. | Source: Pinterest

4. Display lamps with a warm glow

Reddish, orangey, and yellowish lights are warm lights. This will help create a comfy and toasty ambience. It relaxes the body, so use it in areas where you wind down.

What a genius idea to have a headboard and lighting design in one. | Source: Pinterest

5. Light up the hallways

Install or hang ceiling lights that strategically brightens and heightens the look of the space. Illuminate your corridors like it’s a major area in the house. Don’t let it go dark, boring, or even over-lit.

Hang identical picture frames and pendant lights. Repetition of elements will take the design up a notch | Source: Pinterest

6. Highlight a display

Use light to stage important and expensive pieces of art in your home. It’s much like how museums accentuate the works of the artists they feature.  
A slim light was used to illuminate artwork in this kitchen + dining area. Never do this strategy on framed paintings because it will form scary shadows above the paintings. | Source: Pinterest

7. Set a fun vibe with multi-coloured LED lights

It’s amusing, cheerful, and entertaining. A mix of coloured lights will send you to an otherworldly place.

Playful lighting designs like this fit entertainment rooms, such as this mini home theatre. | Source: Pinterest

8. Go with a single colour

Don’t like the night-club or party-like ambience like the one above? Then, go with a single colour. It will add drama and interest to a room with a neutral colour palette.

Purple neon lights added excitement to this modern black & white kitchen. | Source: Pinterest

9. Consider highlighted pigeon boxes

Install soft glowing light inside an in-wall storage to make it look high-end and classy.

These pigeon boxes look deep because of the mirror at the back and the recessed lights inside it. | Source: Houzz AU

10. Install diffused white lighting

This is to subtly brighten specific areas and eliminate the shadows cast by large items in the room.

Diffused white light on the kickboards, overhead racks, and in pelmets above the cabinets are not that intense — it can’t blind you in this white kitchen. | Source: Houzz AU

11. Invest in high-quality downlighting

Never install too many recessed lights or you will risk having an over-lit space. We recommend having the right number of artificial downlighting and mixing it with a dose of daylight.

Pendant lights are considered as downlighting too. It will illuminate the work areas while natural light and other recessed lights provide an all-around glow. | Source: Pinterest

12. Create a glamorous conversation starter

Light fixtures can attract attention too. Go on, display something that looks and feels like a million dollars. Explore unique, grandiose designs other than classy chandeliers.


13. Strung up the lights

Instead of wall-mounted lights, consider hanging a cluster of light bulbs along with an overhead line. It’s affordable and chic way to amp up the mood in your courtyard or any small outdoor space. Fairy lights will deliver the same sparkling boho look as well.

This intimate outdoor living space is illuminated mainly bu string lights. | Source: Pinterest

14. Highlight your best outdoor feature

Do this to put more focus on an object. We recommend using neon LED strip lights. Put it under the star of your outdoor space. That way, it becomes more special at night!

The weatherproof turquoise LED light under this chair elevated the look of this simple lounge area. | Source: Houzz AU

15. Illuminate the garden

If the plants and trees are your garden’s best feature, put them in the limelight with directional lighting. Doing so will keep the landscape alive at night. It will highlight all the materials used and textures present in the design. This will produce interesting shadows as well.

This tiny tree in the backyard deserves a lot of attention. | Source: Pinterest

16. Elevate the entry and walkways

Coming into your home will be more special once you install decorative lighting in your home’s entry. It creates a sense of anticipation — and that’s a good thing.

Rope light, Incandescent, Clear, Walkway, Outdoors, Indoors, Stakes

17. Let the gates glow

If the gates of Heaven glow, yours can too! You have the means, material, and technology to do so. No one’s stopping you.

18. Light up the pool

The pool is a huge outdoor feature that you should highlight especially at night. Consider installing waterproof LED lights underwater. The light will disperse throughout the water and will create a lovely illusion.

Lights make the pool an awesome place to hangout at night. | Source: Pinterest

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