What is a powder room and do I need one?

A powder room is a bathroom designed for guests. It does not have a tub or a shower — just a toilet, sink, and minimal storage. Here are the benefits of including one in your new home:
What is a powder room and do I need one?

The average Australian house has two to three bathrooms. Ideally, one is an en suite, one is a family bathroom, the other one is a powder room. 

Smaller than the average bathroom, a powder room doesn’t have a bathtub or a shower — just a toilet, a sink, and a vanity. It is for your guests. 

Here’s a white contemporary powder room to inspire you: 

What is a powder room and do I need one?

White tiles on the walls make the powder room feel fresh and spacious. Frameless mirrors seem to double the size of the bathroom. Luxury vinyl planks on the floor that look like real timber elevate the design. No worries, this flooring material is immune to damage from moisture and standing water.

The powder also features a modern toilet, single vessel sink, luxury tapware, hand towel storage, and a vanity cabinet for storing toiletries. 

A bathroom design like this offers a great deal of convenience and comfort to your guests (and the entire family as well). Place this near the living room or outdoor entertaining area to make it accessible.

What is a powder room and do I need one?

What is a powder room and do I need one?

If you are living in Melbourne (and nearby suburbs) and you are planning to build a second bathroom like this, contact our Melbourne-based designers.

What are the benefits of building a powder room? 

  1. Guests won’t need to walk through the house to use the bathroom. The powder room is a few steps away from the entertainment areas. It ensures privacy. 
  2. It is convenient to invite friends and family over because there’s a clean bathroom for them to use. 
  3. It reduces people to bathroom ratio. For a multigenerational family living under one roof, having another toilet is beneficial. It provides family members with more convenience since it decreases the foot traffic to the main bathroom.
  4. It might increase the value of your property and boost its selling potential. 

Do you need one? 

Building a powder room is your best bet when you want to build another bathroom but you don’t have much floor space. 

For best results, embark on this project with design and construction professionals. They can help you maximise the space available and choose fittings that fit in here without taking up too much space. It will be easier to move around.

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A luxurious and modern bathroom design for your home

Can you guess the spectacular modern bathroom tiles used here?

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