What to do when raising a house in Brisbane and across Queensland

Are you thinking of raising a house in Brisbane like other Queensland property owners? Read this!
DO’s and DON’Ts of Raising a House in Brisbane

If you live anywhere in and around Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast, then you’ve probably seen a few homeowners raising and restumping their homes. They’ve been doing this for decades. For them, raising a house is the best technique to boost the value of their property and to cope up with environmental changes. (There are communities and neighbourhoods that became prone to flooding). If you want to raise your home, you must consider a lot of factors from the new home design to the structural costs. What you need is a powerful design team to guide you from planning to construction. In this blog, Superdraft gives you some do’s and don’ts to observe:

DO: Engage a designer who specialises in raising houses

It is important to work with a design professional who’s knowledgeable of the building codes and the requirements. If you’re building in a residential zone under the jurisdiction of the Brisbane City Council, obtaining building approval is enough if you’re raising a house with a resultant height that doesn’t exceed 8.5m above ground level. You don’t need to undergo a development application.

The process is different when the house you want to raise is a heritage home. There are restrictions and specific rules to follow.

A residential home designer who’s a raising specialist can help you. Apart from making things easy, their work guarantees the success of a project.

DON’T: Finalise any plans without consulting a designer

There are homeowners who skip design consultations and go straight to a builder. That’s okay, but having a plan before engaging a builder is so much better.

For one, a clear plan makes it easier for the builder to quote your project. The quotes are more accurate. There are fewer surprise costs along the way. 

DON’T: Start construction without a budget breakdown

Apart from design, raising a house requires a demolition, slab, restumping, wall framing, and kitchen & bathroom construction, floor covering costs, plumbing, electrical, and earthworks. There are a lot of costs to consider, it’s easy to lose track of your budget.

We suggest preparing a budget breakdown. When you do, you set aside money for the specific needs of the project. Don’t forget to prepare a contingency budget as well. You will need it, in case additional costs surprise you.

DO: Work with a designer who guides you throughout the process

Raising a house is a specialised project. You need a reliable local designer with solid experience in raising homes, particularly around the Brisbane region. Choose a design company with a friendly yet professional approach. Choose to work with people who are warm, accommodating, and helpful. They make this process easier and less stressful for you.


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