30 April 2019

What’s Inside Narrow Lot Homes?

As the population of the country increases, the demand for narrow lot homes swells. Developers today reduce the size of the lots they sell in order to keep up with the demand and to maximise their profits. Even current landowners subdivide their property and build a few slim houses (and make money out of it!).

The problem? A lot of homeowners fear that a narrow lot will give them a cramped home.

That doesn’t have to be the case. With proper design, you won’t end up with a claustrophobic home.

In this blog, we’ll show you an example of the ideal interiors of a slim house. May this inspire you to create something beautiful from a limited space. We also hope that you will learn a few design principles which you can use in the future.

From the garage and up to the common areas

If it’s impossible to build horizontally, do it vertically. In this slimline residence, the designer stationed the living area, dining, and kitchen on the second floor. Here, the common rooms are well-lit thanks to the expansive windows.Can we just say how much we adore those window treatments? Those roman shades keep the room private without blocking the precious sunlight. If you want to block the daylight, you may use the grey drapes hung next to it.The second floor follows an open-plan format. Open plan rooms need to be zoned properly. Here, the load bearing wall separated the living area from the kitchen/dining.

Stunning one-wall kitchen

Most designers build one-wall kitchens in small homes to save space. This kitchen layout is a real space saver! Plus, the glossy surfaces of the cabinets, countertops, splashback, and the range hood reflect light which makes the kitchen look bigger.Not to mention, we dig the geometric splashback design and the stark contrast between black and white.

Funky furniture pieces

Look, the dining area is simple, but the chairs took the look to the next level. It proves that it’s okay to make a statement with the help of a few furniture pieces. Play up when everything around is you are grey, black, and white.

The bathroom

On the same floor is the bathroom, which looks wider and bigger thanks to the horizontal subway tiles. Unlike the other rooms, this one celebrates a pop of colour. We love the use of lavender, purple, indigo, and eggplant here.

Statement stairs

Another feature that stands out in this residence is the staircase. Look at this architectural masterpiece. It’s clean, streamlined, and it is designed to allow the flow of daylight. We like the use of wood because it adds warmth to the room.

Up to the bedroom

Upstairs are two identical bedrooms — all of them bathed in a healthy dose of natural light. Here, it’s all about comfort. Look, there is a tufted headboard, velvet sheets, faux fur, and soft pillows.We like that there are different layers of lighting in this bedroom. There’s daylight, downlight, ambient, and accent lighting. Those are everything you need to make your bedroom comfy.

Up to the roof

This rooftop patio is shared by all the residents of the slim row of townhouses. All the stairs lead here, a lovely space under the warm sun.


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