13 February 2019

When is a House Considered as a Luxury Home?

Is it the size? How about the features?
luxury home

Some people in the industry say that the phrase luxury home is a cliche. People who want to build a new home, addition, extension, or a renovation use it to describe their future home. There’s nothing wrong with that. As designers ourselves, we understand that you like to have opulent elements inside your home.

But, if you are truly planning to design and build a luxury home, it is important that you know all the features and aspects that make one. That way, you won’t fall into the definition and you won’t pay more for something that’s not categorised as one.

What makes a home luxurious?

Don’t get us wrong. There is no checklist that determines a luxury home from the others. ? However, there are features and aspects that the homeowner, designer, and builders must ensure to make sure that the entire property is designed and built to be a luxury home.

The prime location

If you’re planning to build your own luxury home, build inside a mid-to-high socioeconomic residential area. (Places like Clear Island Waters, The Harbour City, and Darling Point). Location is the number one aspect that you must secure. It’s not just about the house. It’s also about the neighbourhood and the luxury setting.

The lavish amenities

A luxury home makes a person feel spoiled and showered with extravagance. Think of a large hotel-like infinity pool, private sauna, fully-furnished home gym, large wine cellar, or your own basketball/tennis court.

The wide floor plans

These homes are huge. Think of wide entrance ways or foyer. Picture massive open floor plans and spacious bedrooms. Imagine structural staircase designs. That’s what’s inside luxury homes.

Usually a smart home

These homes are most likely technology-driven. Expect it to be equipped with smart locks and security, smart climate control, and smart kitchen appliances. Home automation is a thing of the future, so expect the most expensive homes to have this feature.

Grandeur kitchen

Think of ultra-modern kitchen with unique designs, enormous countertops, latest appliances, modern finishes, and fittings. Imagine walk-in pantries which hold a year supply of food.

Glorious outdoor spaces

We love our outdoor spaces, that’s why the alfresco living areas of luxury homes usually look like the Garden of Eden. Think of elaborative outdoor living areas connected to an alfresco dining and outdoor kitchen. All of that next to an expansive pool.

Sustainability features

The funny thing is, some luxury homes are cheaper to run compared to other houses. These homes are designed to be a sustainable, passive building. Getting an energy-efficient and eco-friendly design is an investment.

Fun and entertainment rooms

Not all rooms inside a gigantic house is a bedroom. Some of them are solely for entertainment. Think of game rooms where you play pool or sports bar where you drink bourbon while watching football. Imagine your own personal home theatre. Some homes even have a room for the homeowner’s private collection too.

Spa-like bathrooms

Apart from the entertainment rooms, there are relaxing rooms. Picture a dreamy bathroom with head-to-toe shower jets, heated flooring, towel warmers, and huge soaker Jacuzzi tubs. It’s like your own private spa.

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