Who is a property surveyor and when you should hire one

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property surveyor

If you’re in the market for a new house, you need the professional services of several professionals like engineers, sanitation inspectors, building designers, and others. You might have read somewhere that you also need a property surveyor. Who exactly is a property surveyor, and why should you hire one? This article will explain the importance of such a professional and their role in helping you successfully purchase a property.

Benefits of a property surveyor

Property surveyors are professionals working in the housing and real estate industry. When acquiring properties, property surveyors analyse and assess the value of buildings, from residences to skyscrapers. Some property surveyors act as consultants and assist in managing rental properties.

property surveyor

Some property surveyors specialise in land surveys or topographical surveys. They check the elevation of a property before an architect or draftsman starts drawing up construction plans. This is a crucial task because it can help an architect make sure that the house or building will be level and won’t tilt to one side because of uneven terrain.  

Land surveyors also determine the flood map location of the property, and this information is vital in determining the flood insurance premium rates.  

Overall, a property or land surveyor lays the foundation of information about specific properties so that building designers can develop effective plans.

When should you hire a property surveyor?

For new constructions

You need to hire a property surveyor if you plan to build a house or a building. A licensed surveyor will determine your property’s boundary lines and the area you can use during construction. The legal boundaries of your property will dictate where you can install your fence or put up a paved driveway.  

home construction

Determining the boundary lines of your property can help you avoid building on your neighbour’s property and prevent conflicts. It can also save you the trouble of demolishing and rebuilding structures that you accidentally built on another property.  

Buying an existing building

A property surveyor can help you determine the proper value of a building if you plan to buy one. Most of the time, the value that sellers attach to their properties are higher than the actual value to make room for negotiations. The assessment of a licensed surveyor can help you determine if the building you plan to buy is worth its tag price. The surveyor assesses a property and checks for possible defects that will require renovations, giving you a clear picture of the state of the property you’re planning to buy. 

buying a house

A property surveyor will also look for alterations or improvements on a property and check if the said improvements violate any restrictions. Common restrictions involve the height, bulk, frontage, set-back, and parking of a building. Property or land surveyors know local council regulations and can advise you if you need to make changes to a building to avoid penalties. Aside from avoiding expensive repairs or alterations, you can also avoid the hassle of applying for permits and performing unexpected improvements that might delay your intended move into your new property.  

Home renovations

Hiring a property surveyor can help you properly plan a home renovation project. They can assess your home or building and give you valuable advice on making your house or commercial building more functional. You can discuss your home renovation plan with a licensed surveyor to gain insights into how feasible your plans are.  

renovating home

A licensed surveyor can also uncover defects on your property that you need to include in your renovations. This can help you save time because you can take care of all repairs simultaneously. It will also reduce the inconvenience renovation work may cause your family.  

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Determining zoning classifications

Although you might already be aware of the zoning classification of your property, a property surveyor can help make sure that your property gets appropriately zoned. Since there are restrictions on zoning classifications, proper zoning can help you determine if the improvements you have in mind are permitted. 

A licensed surveyor can also advise if you want to use your property for something not covered by your zoning classification. For example, a surveyor can advise you if you want to rent out a portion of your residential property or if you want to list it in Airbnb.   

property surveyor


Property surveyors provide valuable assistance to homeowners and buyers because they can assess properties. A licensed surveyor can help you evaluate a property to know if it is worth its price. They can help determine boundaries and advise you on the improvements you can perform on your property during a home renovation. If you need a property surveyor, create a Superdraft account, and we will connect you with a qualified surveyor who can give you excellent results and invaluable advice regarding your property. 

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