Why minimalist home interiors make us feel happier

Homeowners featured in several TV documentaries about minimalism tell us how this lifestyle made them happier. In this blog, let’s look into why this happens.
minimalist home interiors

In a time where everyone is busy and overwhelmed, a trend called minimalism is having a moment. People are watching documentaries about this lifestyle like Happy, Expedition Happiness, and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Shows like these make the minimalist lifestyle more appealing because it claims to make people happy. And, as the leading provider of building design and construction services in Australia, we are curious about how minimalism, particularly minimalist home interiors, makes homeowners feel glad and content. Together, let's look into this idea.

But first, what is minimalist living?

According to the Netflix documentary ‘Minimalism’, this is not a trend that will go away soon. 

It is a lifestyle that challenges people to take control of their lives ⸺ one possession at a time. Minimalists discourage people from buying things they do not need. They stick with the essentials and purge the things they don’t use. 

The same documentary revealed how minimalist living is changing the lives of people who were once too busy, too broke, or too tired to do the things that matter to them. When they decided to cut down the material things they own, they had more space for things that matter and had more time to spend with their family and friends.

Curious how Minimalism ⸺ a life with less stuff ⸺ promises more time, more contentment, more money, and perhaps most appealing of all, more happiness? Continue reading to know more about how minimalism can make your experience as a homeowner easier! We'll show you some snapshots of minimalist home interiors to inspire you as well. 

Less time for shopping means you have more time for more important tasks

Are you in the process of decorating your newly built or renovated home? Are you going to shop for new furniture and fixtures?

Minimalism encourages you to stick with the essential furniture pieces and fixtures for each room. Prepare a purged list of the things you need to buy before you go to the store. With a clear list of things you intend to buy, you will spend less time shopping. You also reduce your number of trips to stores like IKEA and Bunnings.

The less time you spend shopping, the more time you have to look after your project. You have time to meet the designer, builders, and trades working on your project.

Limiting your purchases means you save more money

Cutting your shopping list enables you to save money on construction. Spend the extra money for something more worthwhile: experiences

Let's say the construction is giving you and your family a hard time. Use the money to book a hotel room so everyone can relax for a few days. You and your family will enjoy some time away from the stressful and messy construction site. 

After all the work, organise a housewarming party and invite your family, friends, and colleagues. Cook your speciality dishes so your guests can have a taste of your home cooking. Parties, even intimate ones, create memories that you will treasure forver. 

If you are a musically-inclined individual, it is highly-recommended to invest in musical instruments that you can play. Make room for this hobby of yours at home. 

Spending money on experiences like travels, celebrations, and skills bring us more happiness. 

Also, it would be nice to reminisce precious moments at home to lift your spirits whenever you're feeling down.

Simple interiors are easier to clean

Think about it. A room with fewer stuff is easier to clean compared to a room with a lot of knickknacks, right? You will spend less time dusting, wiping, and vaccuming. When household chores and cleaning time is cut in half, you have more time and energy to do the things that you want to do. 

Also. let's not forget that a clean home is always a happy sight to see.

An uncluttered home reduces your stress

Clutter reminds you of unfinished businesses, which makes you feel more exhausted and stressed than ever before.

When you opt for a minimalist lifestyle, you have to commit to regular decluttering to keep your home neat and clean. Purchase somthing only when necessary, not recreationally. This way, you keep your home uncluttered.

Can minimalist home interiors (and minimalist living) make you a happy home owner?

After watching a whole lot of documentaries about minimalism, we have learned a few valuable things:

  • When you clear out the things you don't need and use, you are making space for a more meaningful life.
  • When you choose to live simply, all your choices must be intentional. You must think it through before purchasing something.
  • Everytime we declutter, we do not just get rid of the physical baggage but the mental baggage as well. Happiness comes after learning how to let go and detach ourselves from the stuff we own but never use.

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