Why you should try black-framed bathroom dividers

If you want a picture-perfect T&B, you must consider using black-framed bathroom dividers.
Why You Should Try Black-Framed Bathroom Dividers

In this blog, you will feast your eyes on one thing: black-framed bathroom dividers and doors. More and more people like it and want it. Here are some of the reasons why it’s getting some love and attention. We’ve got ten good reasons to share!

It’s a scene-stealer

Black-framed shower dividers outshine everything in its background. If you want an eye-catching and head-turning addition to your bathroom, this is for you. 

It’s chic

Who says black and white bathrooms are stark and boring? The industrial-chic bathroom above shows a winning look. The black aluminium frame shower doors pair well with the tiling and the accessories like the mirror and table.

It adds definition to white bathrooms

Take a cue from the same bathroom. The black-framed shower enclosure contrasts nicely with the white tiles and a white sink. The chrome features add a nice finishing touch.

It highlights a walk-in shower

The featured bathroom below has a luxurious walk-in shower with no door. The black-framed glass divider puts the shower in the spotlight in a superb, elegant way.

It increases the ceiling height

When taken all the way to the ceiling, black-framed dividers enlarge the space even if the designers used dark design elements. READ: 6 Bathroom Renovation Tips

It makes a large bathroom look great

The glass divider zones an expansive bathroom. When there’s an assigned zone, the bathroom looks better and becomes more efficient. You create a spa-like ambience that you’ll love.

It’s perfect for modern minimalists

The black-framed shower added function and flair in this streamlined bathroom. Everything here looks crisp, perfectly suited in modern apartments.

It’s a timeless feature

No doubt, the bathroom design above is timeless. This style will last for more than a decade, so there’s no need for a bathroom renovation anytime soon. The elements are simple and elegant, altogether the design has a strong staying power.

It works in any style

Another good thing about black-framed bathroom dividers is its flexibility. It works in a farmhouse, industrial, modern, ultramodern, traditional, contemporary, rustic, and eclectic. Whatever your style is, this divider for you.

It connects the bathroom to the next room

Instead of using an ordinary door, the designers of this ensuite used a black-framed glass door. It bridges the two areas together. The two merge beautifully. READ: 7 Essential Elements of an Ensuite Bathroom

Would you try this in your home?

Tell us and share your thoughts in the comments section below! Better yet, consult our home designers for personalised design advice. Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



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