Window replacement: best materials and styles to use during home renovation

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window replacement

Windows are crucial parts of a house because it lets in natural light and can help improve ventilation. Homeowners use their windows to enjoy the view outside their homes. No matter how great a house looks outside, that look can get easily ruined by dull, old, or damaged windows. If you haven’t replaced your windows since your house construction, it’s time to consider a window replacement. Replacing the windows in your house is not only about improving how your house looks, it can also bring other benefits that will make every dollar you spent renovating them worth it. 

window replacement

Benefits of window replacement

Can improve how your house looks

When renovating your house, don’t leave your windows behind because it can ruin the overall look you’re trying to achieve. If you’re gunning for a tropical-inspired house, make sure that your windows look at home with a place you’ll find in the tropics.

Replacing old windows can also help extend the life of your house because damaged windows can affect the structural integrity of your house. Damaged windows can let in water which can weaken the foundation of your house. 

Clashing design elements are an eyesore and can damage the appraisal of your house if you’re planning to sell. 

window replacement

Can make your home more comfortable

Updating your windows can make your house more comfortable and liveable. If your house is too stuffy, increasing the number of windows can help improve ventilation. You can also make your house fresher by replacing old and tiny windows with larger ones that let in more air. 

Enhances security

A window replacement can help improve your home security if you use sturdier ones. Windows that use double-pane or triple-pane glass are more durable and harder to break into. 

Brings health benefits

Windows protect your family from the elements, so ensuring that your windows are in excellent condition can help protect your family from rain or snow. Windows can also protect your family from allergens like dust and pollen.

If you live in a busy street, replacing your window can help improve the soundproofing capabilities of your house. Thicker windows can dampen sound to make your house quieter. This can help your children concentrate on their studies and help improve sleeping conditions. 

classic square window

Can help you save money

Improving your windows can help you save money because new and larger windows allow more natural light in. This can reduce your reliance on electrical lighting and lower your utility bill. 

A window replacement can also make your home more comfortable by improving ventilation, so you don’t need to use your air-conditioning system frequently. 

window replacement

Types of materials to use during window replacement

When replacing windows, choosing the materials you use can dictate how your windows will look and how long they will last. For your window replacement, here are some materials you should consider:

  • Wood – It’s the most popular material for frames because wood gives windows a natural look. Wood is easy to paint to match the colour of the exteriors of your house. 
  • Vinyl – Vinyl is an airtight material making it energy-efficient because it won’t let air escape when your windows are closed. Vinyl is cheaper and easy to maintain. 
  • Fibreglass – Fiberglass is a sturdy material and resistant to fading and flaking. Fibreglass is moisture-resistant and won’t rot or corrode. It can also be healthy for your family because it won’t attract mould. 
  • Aluminium – Aluminium is another popular material because it is sturdy. Window installers can shape it thinly so you can have a window with more glass area. 
  • Composite – You can use a combination of wood, metal, and vinyl for your frame, as this combination provides you with a combination of different materials for a sturdier frame.  
  • Float glass – This is a basic type of glass made from molten glass. Float glass is fragile and can easily break into pieces. 
  • Laminated glass – This type of glass uses two pieces of float glass fused to make it stronger. Unlike regular glass, laminated glass won’t break into pieces when it breaks. 
  • Tempered glass – This type of glass is excellent if you want secure windows because it is too strong to cut. However, it can still shatter with enough pressure. 
  • Obscured glass – A type of glass that’s excellent for privacy because you cannot see through it completely. 
  • Insulated glass – A type of glass you will see in double and triple-pane windows. Insulated glass is excellent for blocking the rays of the sun. 
window replacement
window replacement

Window replacement styles to try

Choosing a window can be challenging because your replacement window should improve your family’s life while making your house look better. With the help of a professional designer, you can ensure that you will have the best window for your home. An expert designer can also provide you with valuable advice on where to install new windows during your home renovation. You can ensure that your window placement gives you the most natural light and fresh air with expert advice. 

Here are some window styles you should try if you want to upgrade your windows. 

  • Hung windows – If you want a traditional window replacement, a hung window is an excellent option. It is the most popular window type because it can go well with many house designs. Single-hung windows open by sliding the windowpane upwards or downwards, while double-hung windows have sashes that slide or tilt to open.
  • Sliding windows – As its name implies, a sliding window slides sideways to open. Sliding windows are excellent options for wide windows.  
  • Casement windows – Casement windows are windows that crank outward to open. These are excellent windows if you want maximum ventilation because casement windows give you the most air.
  • Bay windows – If you want your window to become a focal point in your home, then a bay window is your best option. A bay window is also an excellent option to create a reading nook.   
  • Picture windows – These windows don’t open but are excellent if you want to frame an excellent view. Picture windows let you take advantage of the landscape around your home and allows more natural light into a room.
  • Acrylic block – A type of window you often find in bathrooms because it provides maximum privacy. It uses resin injected into moulds. An acrylic block is also a great option to create interior walls or partitions.
  • Hopper window – An excellent option for rooms with limited space that needs ventilation like basements, garages, and attics. Hopper windows are not meant for looking out of, so they are often placed high.
  • Custom windows – Your window replacement choice is not limited to the traditional styles mentioned earlier. You can work with a window installer if you want to have a window with an unconventional shape and style.
classic curved windows
huge window


Renovating your home is about improving where you live and replacing your windows is a critical part of any renovation. Having excellent windows can make your home more comfortable while looking fantastic. If you want to ensure that you have the best replacement windows, then Superdraft can help you.

Superdraft can connect you with designers, draftsmen, and other professionals who can propose designs or create drawings using your ideas so you can see how your renovated home would look like. Of course, this includes how your windows would look based on your preferences.

If you want to know how much a window design will cost, sign up to Superdraft so you can get a free design quote.     

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