Working from home? Here’s how to set up a productive workspace

A lot of us were given an option to work from home because of the worldwide pandemic. Here are some design tips to help you:
productive workplace home office ideas

A lot of us were given the opportunity to work from home because of the worldwide pandemic. Under these circumstances, we get to spend more time with our families. We don’t need to drive to work, we are not wasting our precious time stuck in traffic, therefore we have more time to get things done. Working from home right now is a dream, but we can’t deny that there are things that affect our productivity. As designers, we want to help you address those things. Our goal? Help you create a productive workspace at home. 

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You can work anywhere you want

If you are working from home now, you probably created a corner workstation already — one with a desk, computer, and an office swivel rolling chair. By now, you already know that you can fit an office anywhere and your workspace can be of any kind. You can work in your office and sit down during the first few hours of your shift, then transfer to the kitchen and use the island as a standing desk. 

Remote working means you can take your job anywhere you want, as long as it is conducive for work. 

But, it is still ideal to have a dedicated workspace in a separate room

While you can work anywhere in your house, we highly recommend that you create a dedicated workspace that’s separated from the other rooms. 

An isolated workspace can help you focus more on your work. 

Imagine how hard it is to focus and concentrate on your work when other people are in the same room doing something distracting.

If you have an empty guestroom, you can convert that into a home office. The room doesn’t have to be big. It will work as long as it provides the privacy you need. 

Your home office must address your needs 

You need to design your workspace to suit your profession. For example, our building designers who work from home need a drafting table and a computer table in their home offices. They need a home office space that can accommodate at least two tables.

You must declutter your workspace

Your home office is one of the places at home that easily gets cluttered. Think of papers, stationery, books, boxes, and other stuff piling up and messing up your workspace. Imagine how chaotic and stressful that would be. 

Physical clutter negatively affects your mood, resilience, and ability to work productively. Declutter your workplace every week. Do not keep anything that doesn’t support your work. Make sure that everything you need is within reach and you know where you store the items in your office. 

Ensure you have nice air circulation and view in your office

It is a must to have proper ventilation inside your office. Give the room openings so air circulates well inside the house. When possible, install an air conditioner to keep the workspace area cool. 

Besides air circulation, you also need a nice view to look at. You are working at least eight hours a day. Give yourself a break and relax your eyes to avoid eyestrain. When possible, situate your office space near a window with a nice view. 

Install proper and ample lighting 

Lighting is key to a productive workday. Choose a lamp that shines bright, but doesn’t strain your eyes. It is highly recommended to use white light in the office because this doesn’t sting the eyes when you look at the computer screen for hours. 

Use ergonomic office furniture 

You need to use comfortable and ergonomic furniture pieces in the office because you spend at least eight hours working from home. Use a chair that supports your back. Make sure that your table’s height is right and there’s enough leg room under the table. 

When you design your home office properly, working from home will be a breeze. There will be fewer distractions and you will be more productive. 

For a more productive workspace at home:

You could visit our inspiration gallery to explore various home office designs that might suit your needs while working from home. 

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