15 May 2019

Your EXPERT Guide in Choosing a Builder

We reveal the best practices when selecting the right builder for your new build or renovation project.
Choosing a builder guide

Choosing a builder is crucial when building your dream home. It is important to work with someone that you can trust… Someone who understands your vision, the plan, and helps you materialize it. When you find the right builder for your project, the construction phase is a breeze.

At Superdraft, we want you to build your dream home right. Here is everything that you need to select the right builder for the job:

Avoiding the most common mistake

As the homeowner, you have due diligence to ensure your project’s success. Your responsibilities include checking the quality of the builder’s work, how they run their business, and reading previous client reviews. Research is the key.

Apart from doing research, you must ask questions. Ask a lot, especially when there are things that you don’t understand. Don’t be the ‘yes-man’ — it makes you look like a novice. We don’t want anybody taking advantage of you.

Lastly, look for a builder who’s both talented and easy to work with. You want someone you get along with and delivers beyond your expectations. Choose a builder with impeccable communication skills too. A person who listens to you and tells you tangible solutions to problems — not empty promises.

The best way to find a builder

After working on 4000+ projects from 2015 to 2019, we have realized the BEST way to find a builder is to ask recommendations from your designer.

Senior architects, building designers, and draftspersons have worked with hundreds of builders in their career. They have favourites for sure. They know the best builders in town. Seek referrals from them.

At Superdraft, we can help you find the best builder for your project. We have a database of the top builders around the country. We can give you suggestions, and we can help you get quotes from them. Then, you can review your prospective builder’s websites. Go to their online portfolio and check the quality of their work.

Late-night assignment: check the builder’s website

Today, almost all builders have a website or any form of online portfolio. Once you landed on their site, look at their work. Check the level of details. Read their past client’s reviews to see how they work with their clients.

When you do this mini-research, you get a picture of how things would go if you proceed with a certain builder.

Approach them at the right time

It’s best to engage your chosen builder once you have the final plans, structural details, and all necessary permits. Furnish your builder with all of this information. It helps them quote the project accurately (fewer surprise costs). It helps them plan the construction timeline as well. 

A list of questions to ask

Earlier, we said that you must ask your prospect builder several questions. You’re not putting them in a hot seat, you just want to make sure the project turns out fine.

  • Ask about the license they carry. Builders are licensed professionals.
  • Work with someone who specialises in your project. If not, ask if they have experience in building the type of building you want.
  • Ask how many projects they’re handling right now and if they can accommodate another. You want them to focus on finishing your project. Engage a dedicated builder as much as possible.

Tip: Builders are usually fully-booked during the summer season. If you can engage them earlier, the better.

  • Where’s their office or where do they live? It’s wise to engage a local builder who doesn’t live too far away from you. That way, they can go to the site in case of an emergency.
  • What materials do they use? Are they masters of building structures made of bricks, bamboo, wood, concrete, rammed earth, strawbale, etc. Again, you want an expert to build the structure you want.
  • Are their staff in-house or do they hire sub-contractors? Whatever their answer is, tell them that you want the same people working on your house from start to finish unless someone’s work doesn’t cut.
  • Ask who leads the team of builders. It’s important to know who is the person to contact once the job starts.
  • Ask about the project timeline. You must know when the project starts and when they expect it to end.
  • When possible, talk about the instances when they finished the project before the deadline and the times when they needed an extension. Dig deep.
  • Do they carry insurance?
  • Have they received a relevant award?
  • Ask what professionalism is for them. This is important because you don’t want to work with someone who can’t do the job professionally (e.g. someone who is never late, who always answers calls, etc.)
  • Lastly, ask if they have support staff on standby and ready to help.

At Superdraft, we are committed to making the entire design and construction process less stressful for you.

Our recommended builders carry license and insurance.

We have contacts all over the country — pretty sure there’s one near you.

We have a project tracker. You get to see the progress of your project from planning to construction.

Plus, we have a dedicated support staff whom you can contact in case something happens.

When you engage Superdraft, you embrace a simplified process. You won’t carry much stress on your shoulders.

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