A white kitchen is timeless, but it’s boring without stylish decor. One element that offers the biggest difference in terms of design is the kitchen splashback. It takes up a large amount of wall space and it’s often the first thing people see in the room.


Get creative with your kitchen splashback. Your choice will contribute greatly to your kitchen’s overall look.


Choosing a statement splashback

When choosing your splashback, consider not just the components of your kitchen, but the look of the adjoining rooms as well. This is an important rule to follow especially for open plan spaces.


The latest and most popular kitchen splashback designs of 2018

Penny round and patterned tiles are the hottest splashback options right now. Check out this penny round tile splashback which connects the cabinetry and the countertop. We love the excitement that the penny round tiles bought which contrasts the soft and creamy white cabinets.


Source: Pinterest / Style at Home


Penny tiles are tiny, but it still has designs. Here’s one with Carrara marble lines:


Source: Pinterest / Knight Moves blog


Here’s a Moroccan tile used as a splashback. The strong decorative pattern stands out and becomes a focal point in the kitchen.


Source: Pinterest / Divine Renovations


Because of the busy patterns and strong colours, the splashback can hide the dirt and stains that stick to it. You still need to clean your splashback tho.


Source: Pinterest


There are many kinds of tiles and it offers an endless choice of patterns Choose one which you can tolerate for a long period of time. Here’s a cement tile with subtle designs printed on it:


Source: Pinterest / Cement Tile Shop


If the tile trends mentioned above are too strong or bold for your taste, you can explore these other eye-catching designs:


Floor Tiles

Yup, designers already use the 600x600mm and 300x1200mm large tiles as kitchen splashbacks. Some homeowners even use floor tiles here. Check out the glossy brown granite tile used in the kitchen below. It showcases a balanced combination of modern and organic elements. The stone tile backsplash and the oak floorboards provide the warmth that this white kitchen needs:


Source: Pinterest / HousesNZ


Apart from brown granite, textured bluestone tiles are also popular splashback options for homeowners.


Stone Tiles

We’re fans of using the same stone on the benchtop and the splashback. It looks cohesive and sophisticated, yet it’s simple to do.

In this kitchen, the designers laid marble tiles all the way to the seam. The use of luxury stone tiles added a cosmopolitan vibe to this cosy white interiors.


Source: Pinterest / Coco Lapine Design


If you can’t afford natural stone, consider using reconstituted stone. It’s a smart alternative—it’s more durable and it’s easier to maintain compared to its natural counterpart. We don’t recommend using it on benchtops that hold the range as it can’t handle high temperatures.


Source: Pinterest / MIM Design Apartment


Subway tiles laid in a pattern

Subway tiles are classic building materials and laying them in unusual patterns will create a statement. Look at how this herringbone splashback added interest to this plain, white kitchen. Using dark grout in between the tiles helped the pattern stand out.


Source: Pinterest / witanddelight.com


Aside from herringbone, consider other tile patterns shown below:


Source: Pinterest / witanddelight.com



Glass splashbacks are flexible in the kitchen. The material comes in numerous colours and textures for interest. We like the idea of laying smooth, clear glass over timber veneer splashback in this kitchen. It offers the warmth of wood, but hardwearing and easier to clean.


Source: Pinterest / renoguide.com.au

If you want more drama in your space, consider a window splashback. The glass allows natural light to illuminate your worktop. Plus, it incorporates nature into the design.


Source: Pinterest / Anajura



Metallic or pressed-metal tiles make a great statement backsplash. Check out how this grey metal added a modern touch to this traditional white kitchen. Apart from being a visual glue, this material is also easy to clean.


Source: Pinterest / BGH


You should know that metal splashbacks come in various styles, colours, and finishes. Here’s a white kitchen which made use of a stunning copper splashback. We love the how the crisp white cabinets contrast with the earthy look of copper.


Source: Pinterest / honeybeeinteriors.co.uk


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