Virtual Interactive Tours

Experience your design in 3D from home

Superdrafts new Interactive VR platform allows you to experience, interact with and share your designs in hyper-realistic, immersive 3D directly from your mobile, PC, laptop or VR headset.

Created for Architecture, Interior Design, Construction and Real Estate Applications, this amazing technology allows users to play with various concept designs, materials and selections before proceeding with the design development, council approval, construction, sales or lease (depending on your application).

Using our immersive Interactive 3D Tours, customers can select from multiple pre-made design themes (concepts) which not only provides for an enhanced visual experience but also brings you much closer to the optimum design solution because you can visualise exactly how the space will look and feel and adjust it according to your specific taste.

Superdrafts new VIZ360 platform is the ultimate way to experience your design before you move forward! Call us for a free consultation today.

Virtual Home DEMO

Virtual Apartment Renovation DEMO

Virtual Office Fitout DEMO